Renting a house can be challenging, especially with millennials renting apartments everywhere. Thus, if you are a single mom searching for a rented apartment, you might know how challenging it is to find a property that meets your demands. Hunting for rented properties is overwhelming, but difficulties for single mothers seem more amplified. 

Data reveals that 80% of all the single parents in the U.S. are single mothers, while 52.9% of the single moms are millennials. It underscores the potential demand for rental properties by single moms nationwide. 

However, often, single moms have to face unwelcome hardships when finding a rental property due to multiple reasons, including resistance from the landlords, weak rental history, etc. But, if you are a single mom out there searching for a single room or a house for rent, you need not worry. You can apply the below-mentioned proven tips and find a rented apartment of your choice seamlessly.

  • Be Clear on Your Requirements and Frame a Budget

Before starting your search for a rented property as a single mother, be clear with yourself about your requirements and budgetary considerations. Consider the size of the apartment you would require and its proximity to school, workplace, and other important amenities. Also, frame a strict budget regarding your rent, utilities, and other expenses. It will keep you financially secure during your tenancy. Clarifying your requirements and budgetary constraints will help you refine your search for rental properties, making the process easy.

  • Spread the Word Among Trusted Social Groups

When searching for rooms for rent, leverage the power of your trusted social groups. Spread the word among your friends, family, and colleagues concerning your potential housing needs. They might be able to provide you with valuable insights and connect you with reliable landlords and property managers who could help you throughout the process. There is also a possibility that your social group might connect you with secure rental properties that aren’t widely advertized. Thus, taking the help of your trusted social network will enhance your search for a credible rental and improve your chances of finding a suitable home.

  • Be Ready With Your Rental History, Employment History, and  References

Often, single mothers go unprepared for a rental property viewing or tenant screening. It is better to avoid that mistake. Enhance your chances of finding a suitable rental property by keeping your rental history handy. It highlights your responsible behavior, making the right impression on the landlords. Also, send your employment history to the potential landlord to assure them of your financial capacity to pay rent on time. To top it all, provide a list of credible references to the landlords for verification with the right contact information of your past landlords and other reputable acquaintances.

  • Prioritize Your Location and Safety 

As a single mother, when you are in search of rooms for rent, it is paramount that you prioritize the safety of yourself and your children. Thus, research the crime rates in an area you might have shortlisted for moving in. Also, visit the area at different times to understand its safety. Ensure that there are appropriate facilities, like the hospitals in the neighborhood, and that the area is under reasonable police patrol. Ensuring that you and your kids live in a safe area gives you peace of mind, especially when you are not home but at your workplace.

  • Avoid Taking Children to a Property Viewing and Be on Time

While attending multiple rental property viewings, avoid taking children with you. They have the least attention span and might become cranky, adversely affecting your property viewing. Thus, it is better to leave them with a reliable caretaker. It will help you view the properties effectively, without any distractions, reducing the chances of missing out on important parameters. Apart from this, be on time, as it will reflect your professional attitude, responsible behavior, and respect for the landlord’s time. All these factors will turn in your favor during the application process.

  • Communicate Your Needs Clearly

When communicating with the landlords about the rental arrangements, it is better to be clear and open about your needs as a single mother. Establish clear communication concerning everything, whether about the security of the rented place or the move-in dates, lease terms, or security deposit arrangements. Honest and strategically transparent communication helps both parties understand each other’s expectations and find amicable solutions that align with your family’s requirements.

  • Understand Lease Terms and Conditions

As a single mother, be clear on the lease terms and conditions from day one. It will help you know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Be clear on all the clauses mentioned in the rental agreement. However, if you have doubts concerning any of the clauses, be upfront and clear them with the landlord. Respond to clauses regarding rental rate scale, lease termination, and potential fees. Also, seek professional legal advice on whether all the rental agreement terms are in your best interest. It is a great way to avoid unwelcome surprises and conflicts in the future.

  • Maintain Documentation

Maintaining clear and regular documentation of all your interactions with the landlords and property managers is a must when searching for houses for rent. Clear documentation helps avoid confusion and acts as evidence, in case of any disputes concerning lease terms, security deposit matters, etc. Also, maintaining a detailed record of all communications with landlords reflects your professionalism and responsible attitude. In case of any issues in the future, this documentation will serve as an excellent trail of all the interactions between you and the landlord, thus clarifying your stance.


Renting a living space as a single mother is not just about arranging for a shelter to live in. It is investing in a comfortable living arrangement for you and your children. Hence, it requires detailed planning, determination, rental market knowledge, and, sometimes, professional help. By employing the above-mentioned tips, you can create a nourishing environment for your family and have peace of mind at work. The journey of finding rooms for rent might be challenging for single mothers. But, with the right approach, you can effortlessly navigate every challenge and take a step towards a bright future.