We are all different people. Each of us has our own characteristics that tell us apart from other people. Yet, some things are similar. But why is this happening? How do we form our personalities? What is the impact of genetic factors on this? Does the environment we grow in have any impact on how our personalities will be? Well, the development of our personalities is influenced by a combination of nature and nurture. Nature refers to the biological and genetic factors that contribute to our traits and characteristics. On the other hand, nurture refers to the environmental and social factors that shape our development. 

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So, how do these two exactly influence the development of personalities? This might be a topic that is discussed during college too, especially if you study psychology or social sciences. Your student contract for grades is crucial.  So, learning more about nature versus nurture will help you write more compelling essays. Any student is looking for their teacher comments for students’ writing to be positive, so here is some information you should know. 


Genetic factors have a great influence on our personalities. We inherit certain traits and predispositions from our biological parents through genes.  If we delve deeper into this topic, we can find out that certain genetic variations may influence aspects of our temperament and intelligence. But it has an impact also on our susceptibility to certain mental health conditions. These innate predispositions can lay the foundation for the development of our personality. Reading argumentative essay samples about nature vs nurture will help any student understand the many facets of this problem better. There are many essays and free examples or a nature vs nurture debate essay you can check, that will help you understand this topic better. And, of course, help any student with their research paper or examples for essays. 


Not only biological and genetic factors play a crucial role in developing our personalities. So do the environmental and social factors. Our upbringing, family dynamics, cultural background, education, and life experiences contribute to our development. While we grow up and interact with the environment around us, we learn a lot of things. We learn social norms that shape our behaviors. We learn values and beliefs that have an impact on our attitudes and perspectives. 

Children who grow up in different cultural and socio-economic environments may develop distinct personality traits and worldviews. Even children that might be part of the same society could develop distinct personality traits. As there would be a difference in their environment. They might go to the same kindergarten, but the environment at home might be completely distinct. 

The Interaction Between Nature and Nurture 

There is a hot debate around this topic. Nature vs nurture in relation to personality is a fascinating topic for anyone interested in studying the human mind. But it is essential to note that nature and nurture are not independent of each other. 

They interact in complex ways and this interaction has an impact on the shaping of personalities. Genes have an influence on how we respond to the environment while the environment can influence how our genetic predispositions are expressed. 

For example, a child might have a genetic predisposition for shyness. The environment he grows up in can influence the development of his personality. For example, if he grows up in an environment where introversion is valued and reinforced, then most probably he will have shy behaviors. However, if he grows up in an environment that encourages extroversion, he might exhibit more outgoing traits. 

Yet, research still needs to be done on this topic, as it is one of intense scientific debate. Indeed, genetics provides us with a predisposition or foundation for specific traits. 

However, the environment we grow up in and the social interactions we have during childhood and adulthood too can significantly shape and modify these traits. And it is not only about personality traits, it is about intelligence, mental health, language acquisition, or physical attributes. All these are interconnected. So, the influence of nature and nurture is essential to human development. 

Final Thoughts 

Both nature and nurture have a significant impact on the development of our personalities. Even though most people might tend to see them differently, they are so intertwined with each other. We have the genetic part provided by nature, as we inherited genes from our parents. This is the foundation of our personality. 

However, the environment and social interactions we have shape specific traits of our personalities too. Our upbringing, family dynamics, cultural background, and education shape our behaviors, values, and perspectives on the world. So, the impact of both nature and nurture is essential to the development of our personalities. Even though this is a hot topic within the scientific community, we already know what connects them to the development of personality.