Did you know that more than 3.5 million new babies are born in the United States each year? For many, having children is the most important milestone in their lives. It is an exciting time and parents put a lot of thought and planning into it.

There has never been a better time to have a child. There are so many products and gadgets available to make parenting easier. Modern amenities solve problems that parents in the past were not able to.

Read on to learn about the essential products that all new parents need. Explore 10 newborn essentials that are certain to improve your experience.

1. Infant Car Seats

You cannot leave the hospital without an infant car seat. Perhaps the most important purchase is a rear-facing car seat for your infant.

This is not an item that you want to buy at a garage sale. Newborns are delicate and a sturdy car seat is critical to protecting their little bodies.

There are many reliable and reputable name brands out there like Graco. Other brands like Doona offer high-end products with the best safety features that money can buy. 

2. Diaper Bag

Bringing a diaper bag to the hospital is another important item on your checklist. In the past, any diaper bag would do. After all, it was simply a place to store extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.

Today’s diaper bags take parenting to the next level. There are diaper bags that have a foldable bassinet or changing station inside. Others include a cooler compartment that prevents formula or breast milk from spoiling.

3. Bassinet

When you return home from the hospital, your newborn is going to need a place to sleep. A bassinet is the perfect resting place for a newborn.

While the crib eventually becomes their bed, a bassinet provides more flexibility. You can buy one on wheels to roll around the house.

They are also small enough to place next to your bed. This makes feeding and changing the baby more convenient in the middle of the night.

4. Diapers and Wipes

You cannot develop a list of baby essentials with diapers and wipes. How else are you supposed to change the baby’s diaper?

Newborn babies have many bowel movements per day. In the first weeks of life, the average number of bowel movements is nearly four per day. While this number drops below two as they get older, you still need diapers and wipes.

There are different baby products out there for your child. For example, there are sensitive wipes for a gentle cleaning. There are also night diapers that absorb more urine than the standard diaper.

5. Rocker

It is not a wise parenting strategy to hold your baby all day. You need places to safely put your baby down while you cook, clean, or go to the bathroom.

An infant rocker is the perfect solution for your newborn needs. A five-point safety harness is an important feature to look for in a rocker.

You also want a product that does not require you to manually rock it with your hand or foot. There are battery-operated units that rock themselves.

Some high-end products take movement to the next level. They replicate the motion of a vehicle or move vertically to help your baby stay asleep.

6. Pacifier

Not all essential baby products are big and expensive. Your newborn’s pacifier is one of the most important items you will buy.

There are many health benefits to the pacifier. It helps soothe your baby when they are hungry, tired, or uncomfortable. It also helps with teething and acid reflux.

As a parent, one of the more annoying things to deal with is when the pacifier falls on the floor. We also recommend buying a pacifier clip that attaches to the baby’s clothes to avoid this issue.

7. Bath

It is nearly impossible to put a newborn in a traditional bath tub or even a sink. This is because they cannot sit upright without support. Holding the baby upright and trying to wash them is quite the challenge.

Instead, they make newborn bathtubs that include a mesh sling. The purpose of this sling is to keep your baby above the water and not fully submersed. To complete your newborn’s bath, you will need baby-friendly shampoo and body wash that is not harsh on their delicate skin.

8. Stroller

While it is recommended to avoid public places for several months, you will eventually return to your favorite store with your child. Your stroller is the best way to transport a newborn.

The best strollers allow you to safely connect your baby’s car seat. This way, you do not have to take the baby out and wake him or her up. When shopping for a stroller, make sure it includes pockets and baskets for storage.

9. Baby Monitor

Inevitable, you are going to need a break from your newborn. Yet, many parents have separation anxiety from their child and are nervous to leave them unattended.

A monitor solves this problem by keeping eyes and ears on the baby. You can watch video of your baby sleeping to make sure that they are content and safe.

Some of the best monitors include features like talk-back. Here, you can communicate with your baby without getting off the couch. Other monitors check on the room temperature and check for SIDS.

10. Teethers

Teething is one of the worst ordeals that a new parent deals with. As their teeth come in, babies are in pain and constantly crying.

Teething devices help ease the baby’s discomfort. Some teethers slowly release frozen formula or breast milk to give your baby a little treat.

Your Guide to Essential Baby Products for New Parents

You are now ready to bring your newborn home from the hospital. While nerve wracking at first, you will quickly get used to being a parent. These baby products will help you along the way.

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