survey conducted by Atomik Research revealed that one in three people in the US admit to not cleaning areas that are out of arm’s reach (such as high ceilings), and only 20 percent deep-clean their home every six months. Indoor air quality could also improve, with the EPA claiming that the air indoors in typical homes can be considerably worse than outside. If you are thinking of enlisting the help of a cleaner, home helper, or professional cleaning team, these are a few reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate.


Time Is of the Essence

Men in the US work an average of 40 hours a week, while women work around 39. Long hours, alongside the difficulty of having to “wear too many caps” (that of spouse, parent, friend, and family member) means that daily and weekly tasks often get swept under the rug, and dirt and untidiness can prevail. Hiring a home cleaner enables you to breathe easily and meet all your work and social deadlines, coming to a clean, tidy home as a reward. Usually, professional cleaning services are flexible. This means that you can opt for regular cleaning or deep cleaning services, and support sustainable companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Doing so will keep your indoor air pure, while also killing bacteria, mold, and other nasties at home.

The Value of Self-Kindness

Many people who have the funds to hire home assistance don’t do so because they feel guilty about “having someone else clean up their mess.” However, if they had a relative or friend who felt overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning that needed to be done, they might suggest the help of a cleaning company. Self-kindness has many benefits. It battles stress, prioritizes your physical and mental health and wellbeing, lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, and sets up a good precedent so you can find a good work-life balance.

Reducing the Pile-Up of Tasks

Deep cleaning and the cleaning of difficult spots that involve climbing or lifting, are often left until later. However, by tacking difficult-to-reach spots and those in areas like the basement or attic, professional cleaners can find issues that could seriously interfere with your health—including black mold. The latter, for instance, needs to be removed professionally, and it can return if your surfaces are not properly treated. Cleaning assistance is especially indicated for any homeowners with limited mobility or those who are elderly. A cleaning company has all the equipment it needs to reach high-touch points such as handles, light switches, high windows, or tall glass doors.

Asking for help when you need it (in all realms of life) is an act of self-kindness. Study after study has shown that receiving support can help lower stress and improve your physical and mental health. Professional cleaners can help you with regular and deep cleaning tasks. They can also identify any problems of concern and recommended dedicated specialists if required.