Want an exciting holiday? We recommend you signing up for Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour, get from Antalya to Pamukkale and ascend upon the UNESCO-assigned World Heritage, Pamukkale in a balloon’s basket! Sounds like a dream, right? Indeed, the journey is a dream-like one!

In a day, you will have a road trip to famous Cotton Castle which is quite important for world’s natural wonders with its travertines, get in a balloon and fly for minutes. After enjoying the breathtaking landscape under your feet, taking amazing photos and feeling adrenaline pump in your veins, you will get back to Antalya city! Only in 24 hours, you will have an unforgettable memory! 

Is Flight Safe?

We know you are interested in flying and also a little bit concerned about the safety. Well, there is nothing to worry about.

The balloons are maintained regularly and pilots have special flight certificates. Moreover, the flight is arranged in only suitable weather conditions. Therefore, we can say it’s pretty safe!

Who Can Join in?

Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour does not offer strict rules to join, which is one of the little things that make it a perfect excursion!

People older than 6 years old of age can join in this journey –of course, you shouldn’t do it if you have excessive acrophobia. And if the pilot approves, even children under than 6 years old of age can join in. 

Observe the Beauty of Pamukkale

What comes next then? Well, you are taken from Antalya to Pamukkale first, in the early hours of morning. Then, you visit the balloon area. During the preparation and control, you can take photos of the balloons shining in the dark! Don’t fill your gallery yet, though…

When your balloon is ready, you will get in the large basket with other participants. You will get higher smoothly and slowly. While horizon is turning to blue, there will be many of those balloons like shining stars. And on the ground, Pamukkale travertines, the Ancient City of Hierapolis and Cleopatra Pool will greet you!

In short, what you’ll see there will be breathtaking!

When assigned time is over, you will descend slowly and leave the balloon with energetic feelings!

Best Agency for Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour

Now, if you want to join in Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour and get to Pamukkale for a magical experience, we’d like to introduce you the best travel agency that will arrange this tour…

Excursion Market, combining years of experience, being friendly and professional and having very affordable prices, waits for you to check their page of Antalya excursions! We bet you will like their programs and prices!