We are only a few weeks away from Christmas, and people are zooming in and out of malls, gift shops, and stores to buy their family and friends that one heartfelt gift. However, contrary to what most people believe, Christmas isn’t just about giving gifts or receiving material possessions: it’s about letting your friends, family members, and colleagues at work know that you care for them. There’s nothing that a person loves more than receiving a heartfelt letter in the form of a Christmas card. But what should you write on your Christmas card? Figuring out what you should be writing about can be tricky, especially when you have so many things to say and you only have a card to work with. 

When you’re writing a Christmas card, crunching all of your ideas and pouring your heart out on what you’re writing on just a card means that you have to balance out your words with the limited space. Remember: you’re not writing a novel.

But other than adding a bit of humor, some flowery words, and personalizing the letter for the person that you’re about to send it to, you also have to think about the general appeal of your Christmas card. After all, you want it to be memorable.

But what are some essential factors that you’ll need to consider when writing your Christmas card? Will they be able to appreciate what you’re writing? We’ll be holding your hand through writing a Christmas card and what you can do when designing and decorating one.

Making It Memorable

First and foremost, you must make your letter memorable by having sentimental value. Remember that you should be concise with what you’re writing. Most writers would suggest cutting down on filler words without removing much of the detail. If you think that there’s not enough space for all the ideas you want to write down, you might want to conserve some space by writing in smaller-than-usual characters.

You’ll also need to stick to the theme of what you’re writing about. Although it’s not a business letter or a letter for something formal, you’ll need to get your intention clear. Ultimately, it’s your card, and you can write whatever that you want on it. Want to reminisce some good times with an old friend? Want to let someone know that you miss them? Getting your point through in the first few parts of the letter can set the tone and impression. 

Don’t forget to add shapes and decorations to your Christmas card! Having shapes, postage stamps, and detailed doodads can make it more memorable. Fortunately, you can create your shapes in a uniform and organized manner with some stamp punches. Circle punches are often a great way of creating a seal for your Christmas card. You don’t necessarily have to overdo the stamps, but it does add a bit of personality to what you’re writing.

No Need to Overcomplicate Things

Sometimes, people want to use tricky words in conveying their ideas. This is especially true in an office set-up when people want to use highfalutin words to confuse the reader. In reality, you don’t have to complicate things. There’s a fine line between conveying your ideas in a detailed manner and throwing your reader off-guard with words that are rarely used in everyday conversations.

There are various ways of making your Christmas card memorable when you give it to your close friends and family members. Maybe you can sneak it on one of the gifts (your gift, of course) under the Christmas tree or place it on one of the Christmas-themed socks hanging at the fireplace or the door. The bottom line? You don’t have to be an award-winning writer to get your point through. After all, you have to enjoy the fact that you’re writing to your friends and family.