With skills shortages rife across India, the role of HR continues to gain prominence as an important driver of best talent attraction and retention strategies in hard-to-fill positions. The deep involvement of HR in the high-end tasks of the organisations has resulted in the demand for talented HR professionals. Thus, MBA in Human Resource Management has become the most opted degree among those who wanted to grow professionally. If you are also eyeing up the corner office, then an MBA in Human Resource Management in Dehradun is a perfect solution for your skill enhancement. MBA in HR trains you for a real business environment and makes you ‘future-ready’.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is a process of hiring and retaining employees according to the need of the organisation. The job of HR is to manage and utilise the organisation’s workforce properly.

An HR manager is responsible for conducting interviews, recruiting, training, and orientation the workforce and appraising employees of the organisation.

Career scope

An MBA in HR is a two-year degree programme. This course is a successful tool for those professionals who wish to pursue a lucrative career in business and management. This coveted degree is a tried-and-tested way to climb the career ladder for those who are seeking a promotion, higher earnings, and leadership opportunities.

HR functions remain a key asset for organisations to invest in. From small companies to multinational corporations, all need HR professionals to maintain a strong workforce culture. The senior HR managers are also involved in strategic decision-making for the organisations and they are also responsible for effective communication with internal stakeholders for commercial benefits. Thus, organisations nowadays are offering handsome salary packages along with other benefits to experienced HR professionals.

Job prospects

Understanding the needs of the employee at an individual level has been a challenging task for HR since forever. Since the organisations are battling with skill shortages, there is a rise in demand for such HR professionals who can communicate well with existing employees and retain the skilled employees by negotiating with them efficiently.

After completing the course, you can apply for many jobs at a higher level in top-ranking companies. You can look for a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist, HR administrators, HR generalist, HR manager, HR head, HR analyst, and MIS specialist job, among others. The job opportunities in this field are rising internationally.

That’s not all. After gaining work experience in this field, you can move into the government sector like the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), State Bank of India (SBI), or the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.

MBA in HR is the next big thing. With industry knowledge and professional qualifications, skills and attributes are equally important for the development of an individual’s career. Excellent communication skills, the ability to plan and execute programmes, good decision-making skills, and leadership quality are the vital ingredients for a successful career in HR. So, make a well-informed decision for a successful future by pursuing this coveted degree.