With the COVID-19 pandemic making our lives difficult since March 2020, dining out is not the same as before. Yes, we are talking about the food safety of restaurants amid the pandemic. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, restaurants had to embrace necessary social distancing norms as enumerated by respective governments of all countries. It is true indeed that food safety is always essential, amid the corona crisis; it has become more important than ever. 

Your customers are the lifeline of your business and so here are some food safety tips to ensure safe dining at your restaurant. 

Restaurant Food Dinner

Mike Giannulis talks about handwashing

Ensure that all your restaurant employees wash their hands with soap and water regularly while cooking and serving food to the customers. Handwashing should be compulsory for at least 20 seconds when your employees arrive at your bistro after they touch surfaces, between every food order, after breaks and taking a smoke, after bathroom use, after handling cash, and after cleaning your restaurant. 

Make sure the handwashing stations have soap and sanitizer bottles with towels. Put up some posters about the risks of COVID-19 and the importance of handwashing. Even guests should wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizers once they saunter into your restaurant. 

Send your employee home if they have symptoms

Restaurant food safety begins with your chefs and waiters to prepare food and serve them to the guests. If any of your employees that possible symptoms like fever, coughing, sneezing, or breathing problems, send them home immediately. You must do so, even if they show mild symptoms, suggests Michael Giannulis.

Your staff showing flu-like symptoms must stay at home and ensure they have a COVID-19 test once they rejoin work. Based on the guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people not tested for corona must stay at home for three days after their fever cures and another week when their symptoms started. 

Educate your employees where they can read information related to COVID-19 and safety tips, testing, and the state as well as federal guidelines amid the pandemic. 

Keep a check on food handling 

Personal hygiene is extremely important when it comes to dining out at restaurants amid the corona crisis. Take some steps to keep a check on the number of employees handling food as well as food packaging to prevent the spread of infection. Focus on the flow of the kitchen line and ensure one or two people, who are tested COVID negative handle the food. Take special care when it comes to handling raw vegetables, fish, and meat. Follow guidelines when it comes to cooked meals. 

The employees handling food should know about the required guidelines and adhere to the same. Keep watch on personal hygiene, food safety, handling, sanitation, food temperature, and allergens. Make sure all your employees wear facemasks and gloves when they are in the restaurant for work. 


Keep these tips in mind when your restaurant is operating amid the corona crisis. Ensure all safety measures are implemented to ensure hygiene and prevent the spread of infection.