The pandemic outbreak has led to mass fear and uncertainty! People are constantly fretting about their chances of getting affected by the virus. Additionally, they are also anticipating the advent of a vaccine that can help the current situation. Currently, the economy and the job scenario has been affected adversely. Working women across the world have lost their jobs and have also witnessed pay cuts. Many women are still operating in risky situations. Hence, women must stay well and follow a few simple wellness guidelines.

Wellness guidelines for women by Dennis Begos

Stress affects men and women differently! However, when it comes to women, they witness a range of physical and mental effects. For instance, under extreme stress, women can have a hormonal imbalance and can also feel a sense of threat around the clock. It is essential to calm the mind and reduce fear. Dennis Begos has shared some of the best wellness guidelines for women to stay well during the pandemic phase. 

1. Yoga helps to stay fit

It is beneficial for working women to stay fit. One of the best ways to remain healthy is by practicing yoga. The yoga postures and breath movement benefit the immune system as well. Women can release excess stress and toxins from the mind and body by practicing yoga. It is good to practice yoga in the morning or evening. Are you a working woman? If yes, you can choose a time when you can focus on yoga and derive its benefits.

2. Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Everyone knows that women run calcium deficient after a specific age! Working women need to balance their home and work life as well as ensure that they are stress-free. Do you resonate with this? If yes, you should eat a healthy platter rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds, meat, and fish. It will help you to boost your immune system and fight unwanted germs and bacteria effectively.

3. Meditate to calm the mind

Today, most working women have got into the practice of meditation! In its simplest form, meditation helps women let go of their dense and negative thoughts and breathe in positive vibrations. The basic breath movement helps regulate the respiratory system, which gets stressed because of excess tension and anxiety. That aside, meditation helps in giving a person clarity of thought. Prolonged practice helps women release stress and stay calm within uncertain situations.

4. Choose leisure activity

Women need to spend their leisure time well. For this, they can choose any activity like painting, gardening, cooking, or crafts. It also helps to channelize creativity and releases feel-good hormones that bring down stress and anxiety. A leisure activity also helps in personality development. And if you share these activities with another person, it can help in bonding and fostering a connection. 

Working women need to stay healthy during the pandemic phase. The guidelines mentioned above will help them in many ways.