Breast augmentation procedures are one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the US. Based on the findings of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 286,000 women opted for breast augmentation surgeries in the year 2012. When you are under the care of a professional cosmetic surgeon, the results would surprise you. 

According to an article published on, the crucial aspect concerning breast augmentation is ensuring that you choose a traditional implant and not huge breasts compared to your anatomy. 

The surgeons think that 30 percent of breast implant errors are because of imprecise breast size selection. Here are the four things you must know before your breast augmentation procedure for a beneficial outcome: 

1. Look for a certified and experienced surgeon 

Yes, you need to look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, especially someone with a Fellowship and decades of experience in different kinds of breast surgery. When you look at post-operation visuals, ensure that the surgeon has an excellent knowledge of sculpting expertise. 

Make sure your surgeon analyze all practical risks associated with the surgery and take the right precautions to avoid disagreeable results after breast augmentation. 

2. Try post-operation breast implant massage or moving exercises

Your surgeon should tell you how to massage the implants during the initial post-operative consultation. You need to do the breast exercises or massage every two hours when you are awake for the initial two to four weeks. Effective breast implant exercises or movement will help in keeping the scar tissue capsule as munificent as possible, thus cutting back on considerable contracture. 

If you have any questions or doubts about your breast augmentation procedure, read Dr. Breslow’s checklist carefully. Ask questions if you do not understand anything. 

3. Avoid calcium, aspirin, and fish oil

You should stop taking any type of supplements at least 21 days before the breast implant surgery, and avoid aspirin because it slows down platelets’ stickiness resulting in clots in the blood vessels. You also should not take calcium and fish oil. High blood pressure after the surgery is not healthy as well. 

You also need to stay away from any exertion for 14 days after the procedure because it consumes that bit of time to merge the clots placed during the breast augmentation process. It signifies that you need to stay calm and feel at ease for two weeks without feeling too sad, happy, or crazy. Avoid lifting any object from the floor or exerting pressure for a bowel movement. 

The above routine together with thorough surgery must not lead to bleeding problems and the requirement for drains, and their tendency to result in an infection. You can start exercising approx one month after the breast augmentation surgery. 

4. Stay happy and stress-free

It may seem too obvious, but the way we think often affects our physical health, especially when it comes to your body dealing with stress after the breast augmentation procedure. Stay happy and in a good mood after the surgery. 


Adhere to these implant recovery instructions or guidelines before and after the surgery. Take precautionary steps, stay happy, and expect the best possible result. Feel optimistic.