All Well is a revolutionary wellness app that offers real-time health and wellness monitoring of loved ones during the pandemic. The app tracks and summarizes daily lifestyle activity and wellness habits and alerts family and caregivers via iOS, Android, or the web for free.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing in place, All Well provides a peace of mind by helping you keep track of those not living with you in an unintrusive way. This remote app connects family members, seniors, and those you cannot meet on a normal basis to provide live updates of how they are doing. It also sends customized notifications when there might be an emergency.

“We want to keep families and caregivers close during the pandemic and it can be difficult to have to constantly call to check in with loved ones,” states Anoo Nathan, Chairman of All Well. “When something happens, we typically are notified after it happens and by then it is too late. This app can help prevent that and trigger when things do not seem right.”

All Well’s health and wellness monitoring capabilities take place in the background without disrupting calls or texts. Features and benefits include,

  • Daily summaries of phone use, wake/sleep patterns, number of steps and calories burned, walk/run distances, and other important health vitals
  • Hourly reporting of important health and wellness information
  • Customized alerts preset by users who want to be notified immediately

All Well is available for download free via the App Store, Google Play, or visit our website. Upgraded paid plans are also available for those looking for more detailed data, charts, and features.

About All Well
All Well is an intuitive app service for families and caregivers worldwide to easily keep track of loved ones and their health and wellness. The app enables a remote way of staying updated and receiving alerts for those far away for peace of mind no matter where you are. All Well is based in San Jose, CA and works anywhere around the world.