According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the COVID-19 outbreak can cause severe respiratory ailments. Currently, the pandemic is increasing community transmission at a rapid pace globally. And this has led to anxiety and emotional distress. People are always worried about their and their kid’s health and wellbeing. And this never-ending worry loop results in the following:

  • Adults face a change in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Kids can’t concentrate on online classes and hate staying at home
  • Adults are becoming unmindful, gloomy, and sad
  • Kids’ tantrums are continuously increasing

Useful tips by Ram Duriseti to manage kids during the pandemic outbreak

Most children lack the maturity to understand the gravitas of the pandemic outbreak. Hence, they might throw tantrums for not being able to go outside and play with their friends. Ram Duriseti shares useful guidelines that can help parents address kids’ issues better.

  1. Parents should utilize this time to engage with their kids. Activities like drawing, playing indoor games, recitation, and the like will deepen the parent-child bond. When kids have an event that interests them, they get engrossed with it completely. It’s a smart way to make the desired behavioral shift.  
  1. Don’t make too many changes to your child’s routine. Kids can’t grasp the reason why everybody is staying at home or practicing social distancing. Excess change might confuse them and make them disinterested in anything you plan for them. Parents should try and practice some of the classroom activities at home.
  1. Children move around freely and touch unsterilized objects as they play. Parents should keep a vigilant eye on their kids and keep the objects around them sanitized, to stay away from any infections. 
  1. Encourage your kids to get prepared for online classes and training as you make them for school. Teach them to operate a laptop, tablet, or Smartphone device while doing so. It will help them become self-reliant in the days to come.

Ensure that your kids consume a healthy diet and the necessary vitamin supplements to boost the immune system.

Easy wellbeing tips for adults

Adults currently are witnessing increased mood swings! People who had mild depression and hypertension symptoms before, tend to become vulnerable to the mass threat and uncertainty. Make sure that you have the right medications you take or need at home. Also, don’t fall for misleading online ads about psychotropic drugs that claim to provide instant relaxation and boost your immune system. Contact your general physician for any physical and mental imbalances that recur frequently.

Adults should also focus on their feelings and needs. Excess fear and stress can imbalance the hormones and result in emotional instabilities as well. Journaling is an excellent way to keep in touch with your feelings and understanding it before they wreck your sense of balance. It’s beneficial to set a routine that includes your daily work, eating more leafy greens and vitamin C, and getting adequate rest and exercise. Stay focused on accomplishing small targets during the day to steer clear from negative thoughts.

Last but not least, stay updated with the pandemic contamination facts and contentment zones near your area. But don’t give in to the fear it evokes. Take each day as it comes, care for your loved ones, yourself, and your kid, and follow the sanitation protocols to stay safe.