Every parent wants their children to learn to be disciplined and inculcate desirable mannerisms. Usually, moms and dads complain that their little ones don’t keep things back in their place despite all the efforts. They try to help them develop this habit, but only a few of them see success. While it is necessary to guide them about these things from an early age, you cannot impose your orders and get things done. Kids tend to be quite sensitive and fun-loving. If you implement something in the form of games, they can take it better. Like this, you have to identify specific steps that can make your sweethearts pick up the right dispositions.

Here are a few things that you can do at your end to help your kids with good manners. Let’s explore them.

Jonah Engler: How to guide kids to good habits? 


Kids enjoy being free. They don’t like to follow any limitations. That’s why their focus also quickly shifts from one thing to another. You have to ensure they don’t lose sight of the goal you set up for them. For this, you will have to remind them about the things they need to do. Visual reminders can also be a great idea. Just make sure you don’t miss this. However, your efforts should not be nagging for them.


Like adults, kids also enjoy getting rewarded and praised. You can use these as tools to motivate them to do something. Let everyone in the household and their grandparents also know about their goals and achievements. It will create positive pressure on them, and they can even surprise you with their commitment. According to Jonah Engler, one must avoid punishing them for not meeting a goal, though. It will only make them aware of their mistakes but not encourage them to remember things.


You can create an activity around a particular habit to make it interesting for them. If possible, you can also participate in it for encouragement. The learning process will become enjoyable, and the kids will only benefit from it. For instance, if the toys lie on the floor, you can place two baskets and involve yourself and the kid in collecting them in the respective containers. The one who gathers more toys and keeps the storage box in its place can be the winner. Such games can also increase their focus and motor skills. In the end, you can also have a satisfying experience. You would have to figure out different ideas around the same activity until your kid becomes naturally habituated to doing it.

Remember, children want to hear good things about them. If you want them to stay on track, celebrate their achievements no matter how small it is. Take them to a park, beach, or a restaurant. Give them positive feedback. They can show an inclination towards doing other things also the way you guide them. All these efforts can take time to deliver desirable results. If you want your munchkin to follow a particular ritual, you must not give up on your end and keep encouraging them.