While planning for a hassle-free flight journey, it is very important to follow the applicable policies. COPA Airlines tends to make your travelling comfortable and relaxing by providing flexible policies to the passengers. Must visit COPA Airlines official site to know everything you can carry with yourself while travelling in COPA Airlines flight.

Planning and packing are very important things to make your travelling stress-free. But before you stuff everything into your suitcase, check out the important things you should never pack in checked baggage for any purpose. Make seamless COPA Airlines reservations and check what not to carry.


Lithium-metal batteries and lithium-ion are only allowed in carry-on baggage with COPA Airlines. Lithium-metal (non-rechargeable) batteries are limited to 2gms of lithium per battery, whereas lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries are limited to 100-watt hrs per battery.


Any large electronic item with lithium batteries should be kept out of checked luggage for safety reasons of everyone. Even electronic items without lithium batteries must be kept out of the checked baggage.


Passengers have to put any medication over the 3.4-ounce liquid limit into checked baggage. Travellers need to keep medications on-hand because luggage does get lost or have a delayed arrival from time to time. So it is necessary to keep all the medication as no one wants to start their journey with an emergency call to a doctor.


Vapes and electronic cigarettes are not allowed in checked baggage. Passengers can keep them in their carry-ons but must remove them if you’ve to check your bag at the security gate.


Carrying matches is only allowed in carry-ons, whereas strike-anywhere matches are strictly prohibited from all kind of luggage. Electronic lighters are also not allowed in COPA Airlines flights but disposable and Zippo lighters without fuel are allowed in checked baggage. Passengers that have electronic lighters with fuel can check them if they are properly enclosed in a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved case.


COPA Airlines provides a golden opportunity to the passengers to carry as much jewellery into their checked baggage as they like but it is advised to keep any valuable item in carry-on baggage. Having any valuable item in hand will allow you to avoid any chance of losing it.

  1. FILM 

The film is allowed to be checked but because the X-rays from the security scanners at the airport can potentially damage it, therefore it is advised to pack it in your carry-on bag. While going through TSA security checkpoints, must ask for the film to be scanned in hand.


Wine and several other alcohols can be packed in checked baggage but must keep the bottles safely to prevent them from breaking. Any alcohol over 140 proof is prohibited in COPA Airlines flights. Which means passengers must not carry Bacardi 151, ever clear (190 proof), Gold Label premium reserve absinthe (179 proof). Make your COPA Airlines reservations instant booking with Copa airlines official site.