Meaning and benefits

Reflex hammers are medical equipment used by practitioners worldwide to test deep tendon reflexes; it helps in determining different knee jerks and used to detect abnormalities in the central and peripheral nervous system, it can also be used for chest percussion. These reflex hammers have a head made up of rubber and typically come in the metal handle.

These reflex hammers considered an essential tool by health experts to determine or to access tendon reflexes in layman we can say deflects any type of abnormality in the central and peripheral nervous system and are commonly used by a physical and health expert across. There are popular brands available for reflex hammers with unique design and colour however we recommend you check medical products online for some excellent unique designs and rates for best buy. 

 Reflexes and Why They Are Important

Striking a muscle with reflex hammers leads to a normal muscle contraction mediated by the lower neuron reflex arc as suggested in studies. This common type occurs with the upper motion of neuron lesions. Firmly stroking the sole of the patient with the help of a handle helps in easy readings which are helpful for treatment to determine any medical condition. If a sensitive patient lightly stroking the lateral heel alone is often to get a normal response.

Our reflexes tend to change over time if exposed to stimulus more often, increased insensitivity and this will grow in your reflexes, and if you experience the stimulation usually due to change in body hormones or any other medical condition, your reflex response typically decreases with time until you stop feeling it entirely.

The usage of reflexes in medical science is vital since it helps in treating primary medical conditions related to the central and peripheral nervous system.

  •       It helps in evaluating a patient with memory loss and dementia.
  •       Clinical examination of the spine or cervical spine
  •       It helps to evaluate blink reflex.
  •       It helps in evaluating cranial nerve reflexes.

 History of the Reflex Hammer

The history of the reflex hammer is ancient. In 1870 two physicians suggested the reflexes could get activated by striking the muscle attached to a bone with a soft hammer or an object, as far as the research has gone forward the rubber shaped hammered was discovered. Significant activation of reflexes is taking place for a successful examination; buy medical supplies online for reflex hammers and other medical equipment.

The reflex hammers design has not changed over the years due to its exclusive usage; it still comes in the same design; however, the manufacturer has added unique design and colours. This essential medical equipment is amongst the vital instruments of health experts worldwide and trusted by every practitioner.

Types of Reflex Hammers

If you talk about the usage and purpose, it is still the same, and you do not also expect a lot of different types of reflex hammers available in the market however various hammers used as per the need for the evaluation.

Taylor (or tomahawk)

Taylor designed shapes have a rectangular head which is from ancient discovery and used by a lot of health experts worldwide, Taylor reflex hammers are light in weight as compared to regular metal handle reflex hammers available.

Queen Square

The queen square hammer equipped with a plastic edge round metal head typically attached to a plastic handle for a good grip this handle works effectively for this type of hammer. The Queen square majorly used across; however, it has wide usage in The United Kingdom.


Babinski’s neurological hammer comes with a pointed tip and used for the superficial response. Babinski hammer is named after French practitioner neurologist Joseph Babinski.


The Tromner reflex hammer has a small and large rubber head that connects to a short metal handle; the short head is typically tendon stretched reflexes; this type is a piece of useful metal equipment preferred by the majority of practitioners.


The Berliner rubber shaped circle disk is attached to a metal handle bent at a ninety-degree angle, which typically looks like a semicircle; this type of reflex hammer looks like a throwing axe. 

For a different type of reflex, hammers check the wide range of options available for best purchase by buying medical supplies online.

The Takeaway

The reflex hammers preferred by neuron science and to study neurology, this is the essential equipment used by all health experts and physicians. You can choose various needs and as per the purpose of buying the best possible fit. For excellent deals, consider buying medical products online.