Kids are in a highly energetic category of human beings. We all want to engage them in some creative work or activity. Where they can spend their energy and learn some good things? Ideally, one that is relaxing also. 

We have collected some ideas to engage the kids at home in some activities. According to their age and energy levels, you can choose and adjust the activities to suit your child’s needs. 

Here is the list of how do kids have fun at home;

1. A treasure hunt

You can hide some items in your home. For that first, you have to make a map of your home which your kids understood that easily. Mark the hidden items on the map. You can also offer your help for the hunting game in case they need it.  

Once they have found all treasure, you can tell them to organize their hunt. Kids love this, and hard not to get in on the fun too.

2. Have them to make den or cave


All kids love to make den or cave with the help of pillows, and blanket or sheets. Kids imagination go wild with this activity. For this, they will arrange all the material by themselves. Kids like to play in the den or in the cave which they made. This is a fun-filled activity for kids and something that they can do on their own.

3. Indoor water fun

Kids have more fun bathing when there are toys. This is also a time-consuming activity for kids. All children like to play in the water. You can also buy a bath tub from the market, which is easily available, or you can order online. They will love to take bath in that. But your supervision is mandatory. This is a very lovable activity for kids at home. 

4. Rice play

For this activity, you need uncooked rice. Take a play tray or a bowl, fill it with uncooked rice. Now pop in several things to help your kids. You can take spoons, bowl, toys, cups, or anything. The kids will love it. Uncooked rice is easy to clean up than sand. In this game, kids have fun at home. You need to know how to take care of kids as a parent.

5. Kids indoor gym

You can use some area of your house to make kids indoor gym and create some fun sports stations there. Hopscotch can be made on the floors; which kids love to play. You can also put a trail of paper sheets on the floor which the kids have to walk over without touching anything else. Or any kind of exercise which is performed only with their body weight is good.  

6. Rock and paper painting 

You only need some rocks, paper, and watercolors. Children love painting. Let them free for some time to show their creativity by their imagination. Let them paint rock and paper with their choice of colors. This is the best activity to have kids fun at home. 

We have shared some tips on how kids have fun at home. It will help you for sure. Visit here to know more. 

Happy parenting!!