For a pet owner, his/her pet dog, cat, or any other exotic animal is a valuable part of their lives! Living and traveling with them requires adequate care and planning. Moving with a pet in a two-hour journey is relatively easy and manageable. However, when you have to relocate to another location and where airline travel gets involved, you need to plan correctly.

First things first –you need to search for a company that specializes in importing pets into Singapore. As you browse online, you will find several names. Choose the one that you feel can cater to your requirements and budget capacity.  

The way to go ahead – A few essential guidelines

Pet check-up

Before you get speaking with a pet importing or relocation service provider, you need to get a thorough medical check-up of your pet animal. Speak to your veterinarian and check whether you need cytology, clinical chemistry, fluid analysis, serology, and other tests for your pet. It’s best to follow the vet’s suggestions here. Once you have the medical report, you can get the required vaccines and treatment. And if there’s a need you can also delay your travel dates.

Speak to the pet relocation company

Smart pet owners make it a point to speak to pet relocation companies once they have their pet’s medical report. That helps them to outline the requirements better. For instance, if a pet dog has anxiety issues, what kind of tranquilizer should one use. Is there any other option to keep the pet dog calm during travel? Also, if your pet dog is slightly weak, would the long relocation journey affect its health? Having the medical report at hand helps pet owners to arrive at an informed decision. They can also submit the necessary medical documents to the relocating companies for fulfilling the formalities, should they decide to go ahead with it.

The pet import specialist

It’s best to join hands with a service provider that assigns a trained and experienced pet import specialist for each pet. This specialist or individual will work cooperatively with you all through the pet’s relocation and air transport duration. The company would try to cater to most of the pet transportation schedule to ensure that the entire process is smooth and hassle-free.

Enquire about state laws in the relocation destination

Keeping in mind the current COVID-19 situation, several states make quarantine essential for stipulated days once the owner and pet arrive at the airport. It gets done in an attempt to keep people safe and ensure that others don’t get infected. It’s a precautionary move essential for both pet owners and their pet animals, keeping in mind mass safety.

Get the pet essentials ready

Ensure that your pet travels hassle-free and comfortably! For this, you need to customize a kennel and keep the medicines handy. Ensure that you keep water and dog food ready, to avoid any hassle during the flight or transportation process.

It’s a smart call to speak to your pet import specialist so that you get convinced of his expertise. You can ask the pet relocation agency if there’s a need for any other requirements to cater to, for having a safe and comfortable relocation journey.