In this age of technology, your top priority should be about protecting your personal information. There are many instances in the past that some businesses or people lost their valuable information because they were unable to provide enough security. Here are some of the best hardware firewalls that you need to consider to help you with that.

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Cisco Firewall ASA-5508

Are you looking for the best firewall defense for this new era of threats? If yes, then you’re in the right article. The Cisco ASA5508 Firewall is a next-generation, entry-level firewall system, which is primarily designed for small to the midsize type of businesses.

Just a little information about the Cisco ASA-5508 hardware, it has 80GB of SSD, 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, 50,000 concurrent connections, provides up to 100 IPsec VPN peers, and 1 Gbps max output. That alone, you can guarantee that you’ll be having a good time using the Cisco Firewall ASA-5508.

Cisco Firewall ASA-5508 Key Features

Cisco ASA-5508 is one of the industry’s first threat-focused Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Right now, the Cisco ASA-5508 is the only Next-Generation Firewall that has market-leading security, which is gathered from integrated functions such as Cisco’s Advanced Malware Security and NGIPS or Next-Generation Intrusion Protection Systems.

Overall, the Cisco ASA-5508’s Next-Generation Firewall produces excellent application controls, threat prevention, combined policy management of firewall usage, and malware security protection from any network.

You’ll also experience very advanced malware protection, which you will rarely have from other brands out there. These advanced malware protections can block, detect, track, and analyze any malware attack you might experience in the future.

There are still more key features that you can have from Cisco ASA-5508, such as having Collective Security Intelligence, Remote Access VPN, Full Contextual Awareness, and URL filtering. Other physical features are integrated Wi-Fi, Low TCO, Open API, Rugged Design, and Rack-mountable. For further information, you can also check their site.

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall 80E

Right now, FortiGate 80E is on the top list of best firewall hardware in the market. It provides a thorough inspection, which goes beyond protocol and prevents any type of unconsolidated intrusions. It is also made to counter all kinds of harmful traffic; basically, the FortiGate 80E will protect your data at all costs.

You will also like the compact size of the FortiGate, which makes it very portable and, at the same time, very durable. Despite having a small size, the Fortigate 80E guarantees you a secured UTM and SD-WAN technologies.

FortiGate Firewall 80E Key Features

FortiGate 80E offers amazing Artificial Intelligence, which helps you identify thousands of apps at the same time. Whether these apps are known or unknown malware, the FortiGate 80E’s artificial intelligence feature will do the job for you. It will also include any type of malicious websites in both non-encrypted and encrypted traffic.

Another key feature of Fortigate 80E is its user-friendly management console, which provides full network visibility and automation. The FortiGate 80E also has a dedicated security processor (SPU) that offers the super-low latency in terms of threat security protection performance for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted traffic.

FortiGate 80E’s physical design is also one of its best features; its sleek body design and compact size are perfect for tight spaces such as small offices. You can also mount it on the walls if necessary since it has wall mounts, which provides more floor space for other things. Wall mounting your hardware has a huge advantage since it lessens overheating.

When buying Fortigate 80E, you’re also entitled to FortiCare Support Services, which means that if in case you’ll encounter some problems with your hardware, Fortinet will do their best to fix your problem as fast as possible to minimize the delay. This is very important, especially if you’re running a business. Fortinet will make sure that your business is always on the move.

Palo Alto Firewall PA-200

Just like FortiGate 80E and Cisco ASA-5508, Palo Alto Firewall PA-200 is also the best next-generation firewall in the market right now. It classifies all traffic types, including based on application, encrypted traffic, application function, user, and content.

Why pick Palo Alto PA-200? This might be the first question running on your mind right now. Palo Alto Firewall PA-200 desktop form provides you the same PAN-OS features, which protects your data centers. It also includes high availability with both active/passive and active/active type of modes.

When using the PA-200, you’ll get a precise and consistent power output for more increased reliability, paired with a fanless design that provides quieter operation. They also added a compact state disk to minimize any moving parts inside the PA-200.

Pros about PA-200, it has a tighter security policy, high availability, private network, centralized management, GlobalProtect VPN Connection that helps your employees connect from their home remotely. You’ll also have a Wildfire feature that provides the latest update about the information on stopping techniques and global attack mitigations.

Palo Alto Firewall PA-200 Key Features

One of the best features that you’ll get from PA-200 is its Cyber Attack Prevention feature. Once the PA-200 fully classified the traffic, you can now protect your network from any cyber attack by denying others to minimize the network threat and by allowing only specific applications.

You’ll also get IPv6 support, which is the latest version of a communication protocol that identifies different types of devices across the Internet for easier location tracking. Besides IPv6, PA-200 also supports IPv4, which is the fourth type of internet protocol version.

PA-200 also can classify different types of unidentified applications and traffic no matter what port you use. There will be multiple classification mechanisms added to the traffic stream to determine the real identity of those specific applications traveling into the network. At the same time, it can also notice malware and threats.

Other features that you’ll get from PA-200 are 50 Mbps threat prevention, 50 Mbps IPsec VPN, 100 Mbps firewall, 64,000 max sessions, 1,000 new session/second, 25 IPsec VPN tunnels interface, 10 security zones, and 250 maximum number of policies. There are still more features that were not mentioned here; you can go to the full review to know more.

In A Nutshell 

If you’re planning to buy the best hardware firewall for your business, then these three are the best choices in the market right now. Protecting your business information from malware or any type of external threats should be your main priority. Don’t settle on any cheap hardware firewalls because it might just cost you more than what you paid.