Business competition among brands is stiff! Do you want your brand to appear distinctive than others? If yes, your organization needs to be unique. It would be best if you made your brand value and imagery strong. According to Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, close to 59% of them choose to purchase new products from companies they are familiar with. Another 21% responded shared that they purchase a product simply because they like how a brand promotes itself. If you want to launch your brand, you can opt-in for the opening banners.

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Why are opening banners essential? 

Whenever a business or organization has a grand opening for the first time, it’s aims to share a part of it with the public. It is essential to plan the event precisely and with ample creative thought. Choosing a high-end PVC flex grand opening banner is necessary. It creates the required hype and also adds to the brand promotion aspect. The expert service providers can help you decide on the banner quality, color, size, and placement.

Things to keep in mind

As you customize the opening banner for your store or shop, you need to keep the following factors handy. 


  •  Choose the standard banner size


Based on Google Ads, the best banner sizes to opt-in for are:

  • 336x280px – Large Rectangle
  • 728x90px – Leaderboard
  • 300x250x Medium Rectangle
  • 300x600x- Half Page


  • Simplicity


It is essential to keep the visuals and content simple. If your viewers find the banner complex to understand, they probably won’t walk inside the store. 


  • Maintain a hierarchy


The opening banner design depends on the correct balance inside every ad. Hence, you need to maintain the hierarchy. The best banner ads should maximize brand awareness and also help to increase the footfall. The three essential components are:


  • The brand logo


You need to add the company logo for generating brand awareness. Ensure that it’s visually appealing without being over the top.


  • The value propositions


Simply put, the value propositions highlight the product/service that your brand provides. It draws attention using an attractive price and offers. You can also add elements like “50% off”, “limited offer,” and “high-quality.” It will add a sense of urgency and increase sales.


  • The CTA (Call of Action)


The CTA is a button or a text that urges the users to click on it. In case of a grand opening banner, you can add CTA’s like, “Buy before (date) for free home delivery” and the like. It acquires an essential focal point of the ad.


  • Get a clear frame outline. 


Usually, people get attracted to the subject that’s there within a frame. Hence, the opening banners should have well-defined frame using graphics, extended to the box edges. If the ad is white, it’s best to place 1-pixel grey border close to the ad. 


  • Make use of buttons correctly


Based on the banner type, the buttons will maximize the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the ad. While using it, make sure to place the copy on the lower part in contrasting shades.

Designing and customizing an opening banner is essential to make the correct impression. When you adhere to the pointers mentioned above, you can better address your target customers, attract higher footfalls, and maximize your profits.