More than half of American households give to charity despite working hard to earn more and lead a more comfortable life. Donating a habit for many people because it can be a huge mood booster. That you can help others gives you immense satisfaction by generating a feeling of more fulfillment and making you feel happy. Researchers have observed that when people donate to charity, there is increased activity in the brain in some specific area that stokes pleasure. This finding proves the truth in the age-old adage that it is always better to give than receive says Jonah Engler, who takes an active interest in humans and especially their welfare, which gives him a lot of satisfaction.

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In this article, we will explore the reasons that drive people towards philanthropy.

Giving to charity reinforces your personal values as felt by Jonah Engler

Despite having different goals of philanthropy, philanthropists have one thing in common that all of them feel social conscience as the driving force behind giving. Research showed that regardless of the types of charity work supported, 96% givers agreed that they felt it was their moral duty to help others, a sentiment embedded in principles they believe in and their personal values. People from all walks of life and belonging to the different professions feel privileged to have the power to improve others’ lives. Being able to discharge the responsibility of helping others reinforces our personal values, which gives a sense of fulfillment of their ethical beliefs.

Giving is highly impactful

People who donate want to ensure that every dollar they donate should reach people or help the cause without any impairment. The concern arises because the donations might lose its worth due to administrative costs and tax, reducing the amount available for people. However, there are ways to make the most of every charity donation. Take advantage of tax schemes introduced by governments to help charities get most of the finds they get. The scheme could allow the charity to recover the basic rate of tax on the donation. There are many other ways to ensure that the money you donate for charity remains intact. 

Demonstrate the importance of generosity

Your philanthropic habits will amply demonstrate to your family and children the importance of generosity that can inspire them to make positive changes to the lives of people and the world. Your children will emulate your actions and learn to help others by practicing generous behavior and growing up by appreciating what they have. They might continue with the trend when they grow up and create a legacy of philanthropy in the family. 

Encourages family and friends to donate

You can be an inspiration to your family and friends who would not only appreciate your habit of donating for charity but would make them donate for causes that are dear to them. It might involve the entire family in charitable efforts for causes that have wide appeal to the group.

Family giving creates a bond that bolsters relationships by working for shared goals and raise more money than an individual.