Every business ultimately has the same objective i.e., to make profits and increase its customer base. And while a few business firms and brands try to attain this objective in an aggressive, mechanical way, others resort to a more creative path. Business innovation has become the latest trend now! Organizations, established or small, need to develop innovative and creative ways to conduct and expand their business. For this, it is essential to spend hours brainstorming to create revolutionary ideas and strategies for business success.

Follow what Robert Trosten has to say

Creative and innovative ways don’t necessarily mean sophisticated strategies. At times, simple ideas can bring about ample business change for the better. Leading finance expert Robert Trosten, who’s also into business coaching, suggests the following tactics to bring creative ways to make your business successful and meaningful.

  • Use social media to engage with your customers

Gone are the days when businesses used to operate from an isolated, ivory tower platform. The present-day business ambiance is all about clear communications and direct connections. It’s also about adding a human and personal touch. You can impress your audience by creating a brand persona. But to convert an online user into your loyal customer, you need to allow the user to interact with you and delve deep into that persona. Social media is the best platform to communicate and engage with your customers. Once your target audience likes engaging with you, they will make a purchase soon. 

  • Address customer pain points

Every brand conducts customer and market research before launching a product or service. The trick to a successful business is to keep the research mode on. Your brand persona should be of a seeker, waiting to cater to your customers in every possible way. Ask your customers if they are happy with a product or service that you’ve launched. Use the feedback to better your service or product. It will make your customers feel counted. Also, it will deepen the brand-to-customer bond and create customer delight and loyalty.

  • Create a video testimonial post

Happy customers are eager to share their views about your brand! Testimonials and positive reviews on the website and social media profile are common. Take time to create a video post with customer testimonials. You can take on a storytelling approach and share customer feedback. Customers sharing their views through a video have more credibility in comparison to a written review. It can boost your sales manifold. 

  • Connect with social influencers and speak on relevant issues

Social influencers can help you tap onto a new audience segment, that you never had the chance to interact and connect. It is essential to speak on relevant topics and get written or spoken about by several social influencers. If there’s a post on business care and strategy making during COVID-19, try and get featured in the post by sharing relevant inputs. It will help your brand to get noticed and enhance your brand awareness and promotion. 

These are a few creative and innovative tactics that you can implement to attain business success.