Business development looks easy on paper and discussions. When entrepreneurs get down to do the actual work, it involves hard work, perseverance, planning, and correct decision making. It is also essential to strike at the right moment for entrepreneurs to grab the best business opportunities. Marketing is a crucial aspect of business development and promotion. And entrepreneurs need to work with marketers or marketing consultants to reach out to their target customers and tap the potential markets. It makes them bond well, mostly because marketers and entrepreneurs have a lot in common.

Eric J Dalius on the marketer and entrepreneur bond

Not every entrepreneur has adequate marketing skills and insights required to market their product, service, and brand. They have to depend on an expert marketer or marketing agency. Eric J Dalius, a leading entrepreneur, says that an expert marketer’s task is to understand the entrepreneur’s vision and goal and develop a business marketing route map. Since both the marketer and entrepreneur have studied the economy, different business verticals, creative business ideas, and brand building case-studies, they depend on each other’s inputs. The best business plan manifests when they co-operate with each other. And that creates the best entrepreneur and marketer bond.

Eric Dalius entrepreneur and marketer traits in common

There are several similarities and dissimilarities between a marketer and an entrepreneur. However, we are going to focus on the common traits between the two. According to Eric Dalius, a few crucial qualities common for both marketers and entrepreneurs are:

  • Go-getters

Both marketers and entrepreneurs are go-getters. They are ambitious and chase their goals without any inhibitions. And that makes both of them exude high energy, focus, and dedication towards their business objectives. They are mostly self-driven and keep on adding to their know-how by reading, researching, and getting in touch with influential people.

  • Networking

Social and business networking is an essential practice in the life of an entrepreneur and marketers. The former needs to stay connected with several industry people to get profitable business opportunities. It includes the business heads, social influencers, business consultants, and the like. On the other hand, a marketer has to stay connected with the best advertisers, public relations executives, creative artists, and others to fuel their marketing plan. Networking helps marketers and entrepreneurs get noticed by others and eventually gain an appreciation for their work and business.

  • Economy trends

Ej Dalius says that it is essential for both marketers to keep a keen watch on economic and business trends as that’s the market where they need to strive and expand their business. Both stay tuned to economic trends and developments.

  • Creative thinking

Entrepreneurs and marketers cater to self-aware and educated customers. They must resort to creative thinking to come up with unique business development and marketing ideas. General ideas will ensure mediocre success. The ambitious marketers and entrepreneurs are looking out for out of the box ideas which will delight the customers and provide a memorable brand experience.

Not every entrepreneur has marketing skills, and not every marketer has an entrepreneurial vision. However, based on the common traits they have, one can learn from each other growth.