All entrepreneurs are marketers in their own capacity, but only some marketers can try their hand in setting up a business to test their entrepreneurial skills. This is the view of Ej Dalius, who, during his long career as a successful marketer and real estate entrepreneur, has donned both hats.  While it is not usual for marketers to become entrepreneurs, as many of them have tasted success in setting up businesses, there is always a question about the business’s longevity. At least 30% of marketers turned entrepreneurs and admitted that their businesses did not last long despite tasting success.  

Since the tricks of running a business are the same, it is typical for entrepreneurs and marketers to share several common traits. Only in small businesses, many entrepreneurs don many hats from being the owner to an accountant to a marketer. Still, slightly larger companies have dedicated marketing experts who work alongside entrepreneurs to drive the business in the path of growth.

In this article, we will explore the traits shared by entrepreneurs and marketers.

Eric J Dalius feels that creativity binds marketers with entrepreneurs

Both marketers and entrepreneurs must be creative thinkers to drive the business in the right direction and give it the impetus for growth. They must envisage how others are doing, and drawing inspiration from competitors must create their plan for running the business. It is not essential to discover new concepts but preferably on known ideas to develop strategies that bear creativity marks. It means that they do the things that others do but use their creative instincts to think outside the box and do things differently. They realize the importance of not wasting their efforts in inventing the wheel and instead of innovating ways of making better use of the wheel, explains Eric J Dalius.

Both are passionate, says Eric Dalius

To succeed in business, it is not enough to have the best business idea and lots of knowledge unless you have the fire burning in your belly. Being passionate about your business ideas drives the business ahead, and both marketers and entrepreneurs are usually extremely passionate about their ventures.  This is most evident in entrepreneurs who double up as marketers and demonstrate the intense passion that inspires them to give their best and much above their capabilities, observes Eric Dalius.


The success of a business starts on the drawing board. Planning is critical for starting and running any business, and both marketers and entrepreneurs must be excellent planners to ensure that their business ideas take shape. This is especially true for small businesses that operate with limited resources and cannot afford to hire professionals to run the business. Since the business is the entrepreneur’s brainchild, and they know best how they want things to play out when setting up the company, they must create the most effective business plan.

Marketers and entrepreneurs are in the same boat and share the common objectives of driving businesses in the right direction.