Do you own a small marketing firm? If yes, you will know the relevance of joining hands with the right person in every client’s organization. Networking plays a crucial role in business and can lead a company to its path of success as well. These people often decide how unsuccessful or successful your marketing initiatives and campaigns can be. You might work hard and create the best marketing plan. But when you choose the wrong person, your entire program will get hindered, and you will have to rework. 

Usually, the business founder or entrepreneur can be an essential asset and resource for you and help you develop the best marketing strategy. Hence, it’s true that ace entrepreneurs can offer in-depth perspectives and direction in developing a marketing plan that works. 

Eric J Dalius on marketers and entrepreneurs

Marketers and entrepreneurs have many aspects in common. Eric J Dalius, a leading entrepreneur lists down five such common points. They are:


  • “Both think outside the box,” says Eric Dalius


Marketers need to think outside the box. The market competition is high, and it doesn’t help if entrepreneurs come up with mainstream and generic ideas for product promotion and brand building campaigns. When it comes to addressing customer pain points, entrepreneurs need to arrive at intelligent solutions. It also helps to develop marketing campaigns that are specialized and distinctive. Hence, marketers and entrepreneurs are both creative and think differently.


  • Energy and drive


Do you want to obtain a useful perspective on your company? If yes, then there’s no better person than the one who has all the entrepreneurial passion, zest, and zeal. Eric Dalius believes that both marketers and entrepreneurs put out their best energy and focus on the project they pursue and ultimately make sure that their business brand benefits.  


  • Brand exposure and awareness


Entrepreneurs need to come up with brand-building techniques to make their brand gain online prominence. People need to know a brand; else they will not browse through the corporate website and purchase a product. The objective of both entrepreneurs and marketers is to ensure that ample brand awareness, online visibility, and good brand recall value.


  • Planning


According to Ej Dalius, business success depends on careful planning. Entrepreneurs need to take a holistic view of the entire business goals and resources to create plans that will help an entrepreneur direct his or her company towards success. Marketers also need to plan before they launch a marketing campaign. From the target audience to the marketing medium, every single aspect requires careful planning.


  • Customer appreciation


Without customers, there will be no market to sell your products. Hence, entrepreneurs need to value their customers and attend to all their pain points. When it comes to marketing specialists, they also believe in the power that customers today have and exercise. They need to engage with and appreciate the customer to ensure that they are creating the best target audience for their marketing campaign.

When you appreciate and acknowledge your customer, it helps to increase customer good-will and delight; it helps both the marketers and entrepreneurs expand their customer base and business.