The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and everybody is scrambling to meet the challenges. Most people are trying to grapple with challenges on multiple fronts and the stress is taking an immense toll on the physical and mental health and wellbeing. The prime concern of everyone at this point is to keep safe and healthy by practicing social distancing and improving our immunity through various means. The good thing is that the pandemic is giving us the chance of changing our lifestyle and pay more attention to our health, wellbeing, and family.

Some useful tips to help us to face the challenges of the pandemic better: 

Exercise Regularly 

Even though restrictions on movement as well as the imposition of social distancing norms will have made it impossible for us to attend gyms or yoga classes, the good thing is that now we have more time on our hands to engage in physically working out. You can start by doing freehand exercises at home or even try walking briskly or jogging at a park nearby. If you do step out of home, be sure to wear a mask and avoid getting into a crowded situation, says Curt E. Liebman MD. There are plenty of apps and videos being posted by well-known fitness trainers that you can take advantage of. Most of them will show you how to work out without using any specialized gym equipment.

Adopt a Healthy Diet, Advises Curt E. Liebman MD

Due to our hectic schedules, all of us tend to skip meals and survive on coffee and unhealthy snacks. The pandemic that has now forced us to spend time at home is a blessing in disguise for now you can do some meal planning and ensure that you eat fresh home-cooked food. It is important to focus on consuming fresh produce and maintain a proper balance of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and micronutrients. Be sure to eat foods with lots of fiber as it helps to detox the system. Keep yourself very well hydrated to help flush out the toxins and keep your organs functioning optimally. Stay away from processed foods, salty or sugary snacks as these will just add empty calories without providing any nutrition.

Get Enough Sleep 

One of the biggest issues most of us have that due to our hectic lives and numerous distractions, we simply do not get adequate restful sleep. Luckily with the pandemic restricting us to our homes, now we should get our act in order and follow a regular sleep schedule. According to, the National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults. Try to go off to sleep and wake up the next morning at the same time daily. Keep all distractions like the TV, computers, and mobile phones out of the bedroom. A warm bath may also help you to relax.


Despite the deep impact of the pandemic on our lives, it is important that we do not panic and instead take a sensible view on protecting ourselves and our families. Paying attention to our physical and psychological wellbeing by regularly working out, eating well, and sleeping adequately will help us to get through these trying times.