COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease is a pandemic disease spread worldwide and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a massive outbreak that started in China. The most common symptoms of this disease are fever, cough & cold, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell. It is found that symptoms appear in the body after 14 days or even after the 28th day. Scientists are working day and night to bring out the vaccine against the spread of this disease. 

Doctors have prescribed that to avoid the spread of this disease:

  • One must avoid public gatherings and close contact with others. 
  • Most importantly to wear the best face mask
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap, if not possible then use a hand sanitizer while you are in public transport or at your working place. 
  • You must cover your nose and mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing and throw away the used tissue in a dustbin.
  • Also, avoid rubbing your eyes and touching your nose and mouth.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect the surfaces like tabletops, kitchen slabs that are used daily.
  • Try to stay at home, isolate yourself from others. 
  • If you are affected then surely consult a doctor. 

This article is primarily meant to promote awareness among people who are panicked about this disease. You just need to take up some effective measures and precautions suggested by the doctors to avoid getting contaminated. Also, get some vitamins and proteins in your daily food chart to make your immune system healthy and it will increase the nutritional value too. 

Well there often arises a question of what type of face mask can be more effective. There are many types of face mask and full-face mouth shields and all are meant for the same purpose only i.e to avoid dust and germs getting inside the body. It’s up to you and your affordability what type of mask you are going to choose. Here I am trying to give you an idea about some types of face masks that are quite common and easily available in your nearby medicinal shops:

  • Anti-Dust and Disposable
  1. Three Layers of Filters protection offered, considering it one of the best face masks
  2. A non-woven face mask which is primarily meant for those who have a dust allergy.
  3. Similarly, you can go for the Cotton Black mouth Face Mask with activated carbon filter windproof to avoid the entering of dust and smoke inside the nose.
  • Cotton Anti-Haze
  1. Anti-Dust Mask with Activated Carbon Filter Respirator Mouth- Valve.
  2. A similar type of filter paper with a breathing valve, a mask is there both have the same function of removing the dust particles and only provides the entry of fresh air inside.

  • Safety Protective

Anti Pollution/Fog/Dust with Multi-layered Breathable Filtered Face Mask meant for those who are always at their duty on the roads.

  • Sponge Pollution
  1. Anti Air Dust and Smoke Washable Respirator Face Mask made for adults who are just going out for some work. 
  2. Also, another reusable safety N99 valve filter respirator is there, primarily for kids.
  • Transparent and Protective

Anti-Fog Splash Proof Full Face Mask Protected Shield with Anti-UV and Shock-resistant Safety Mask meant for doctors attending the diseased patient and also for people who are working on the roads or travelling in any transport.

Other types of masks:

  • There are warm, breathable, Cartoon Half Face Mask for attracting small babies and children, which both serve the purpose of protection as well as sell in the market.
  • There are also some washable and reusable, best face masks, meant for people travelling in aeroplanes, going out in public areas, and while doing outdoor activities.
  • Dust-proof, Anti-Splash, Anti-Fog Safety Face Masks meant for people working in Industries and Factories.
  • There are some Anti-Dust Filter, Windproof, Mouth-muffle, Bacteria- Proof Face Masks meant for fashionable people and are to be handled with care, these are reusable and washable too.
  • Anti-Dust, Formaldehyde Bad Smell Valve, Dust-proof Mouth Mask with in-built Particulate Pollution Protective Respirator to meet the needs of people working outside the home or in industries, or travelling in public transport, or among public gatherings. 

These are some of the best face masks that are available in the market, meeting the needs of the people. Some are costly and some are easily available in the medicinal shops and markets. Prices vary and it’s up to you to choose your face mask of your choice. I hope you will get help and have a clear idea by reading this article and also help others. Stay safe and stay healthy!