The province of Guanacaste, the second largest province in Costa Rica, is a hot destination not only for tourists but also for property buyers. There are many attractive properties to buyers, especially foreigners who take special interest to invest in Costa Rica due to the liberal government policies that encourage foreigners to buy properties in the country. Located in the northern Pacific region of Costa Rica, the area, also known as the Gold Coast, is teeming with properties that are a good investment for making a second home or setting up vacation homes for the investment grow faster. 

The Wild West of Costa Rica

The province of Guanacaste covers an area of 10,410 sq. m or 3,915 square miles located at 1,000 feet or 300 meters above sea level has a population of only 2,50,000 people. Like the rest of the country, Guanacaste is blessed with immense natural beauty that it retains with pride along with the unique culture and folklore of the land, which has earned it the name of the Wild West of Costa Rica.  A large alluvial plain lies to the west lined with seasonally dry hills that stretch to the north and dotted with ranches of giant cattle with pockets of agricultural lands. The coastline of the area has a long stretch of warm, beautiful beaches, bays and peninsulas, which are the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Ideal for real estate 

The proximity of Guanacaste to the Liberia International Airport, along with the splendid natural beauty and an ideal climate, makes it the most preferred location for people wanting to set up homes that have resulted in the real estate boom. With help from a reliable real estate agent, you can easily find a property of your choice ranging from luxury homes to vacation homes to condos with an oceanfront view. Costa Rica has an abundance of natural beauty that offers something new to explore from the pristine beaches and Blue Ocean to the forests and mountains. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind in the laps of nature far away from the stressful life in cities.

The options are many

Those who dream of having a vacation home will find Cost Rica most ideal, especially for its luxury real estate that costs very little as compared to places in America in Europe. The vibrant ocean with its vast expanse will be in front of you as you soak in the luxury of having your morning coffee on the beach with your toes in the sand.

Beach houses in Costa Rica are available for about $135,000, and if you are a millionaire ready to spend $4.5 million, you can become the proud owner of a sprawling mansion. Whether you want a penthouse or a condo with a poolside, you get what you need. 

If the mountains attract you then you can venture on trekking trips along the mountain tracks from your home close to the mountains. There are also scenic volcanoes such as Arenal Volcano. A good location for a home or hotel gives you the opportunity to explore endless trails, tropical jungle scenery, and even a glimpse of the volcanic crater.

Spending some time in luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica is the best way to evaluate investment prospects before investing.