Kratom is a tropical plant which grows in many parts of Southeast Asia. Though it isn’t supported by any concrete evidence as a drug, yet the market for this plant is expected to cross the one billion dollar mark in future. It is banned in many countries because of its controversial status. The best way to buy kratom is to purchase it from an online platform. In this article we will guide you through 5 best kratom brands in 2019. Keep in mind there are many companies which sell and produce kratom daily. Experts believe more than 5 million people use kratom every day.

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Following is a list of famous kratom brands in 2019:

  1.     Happy Hippo herbals

It is a kratom based company located out of Boise Idaho. They ship their kratom products all over the world. Ever since inception, this company has been able to garner many positive reviews by its customers. They’ve been working for the last six years and have built a massive clientele online. It has only five full-time employees but has a good reputation online. Customers applaud its good quality kratom and fast delivery.


This company started working back in 2012 and since then has served many happy customers. The best part about their website is not just the vast array of kratom products that are available but equally helpful customer reviews. They are famous because of their kratom capsules. Customers claim their kratom strains are everything but ordinary. This company has strict policies in terms of packaging and selling.

  1.     Kratom Crazy

This is a veteran company which has been serving customers for the last few years. The best part about kratom crazy is their products are lab tested and of the finest quality. You must try kratom crazy green Malay for it stands as one of the most demanded elements of the kratom family. Kratom crazy’s website is easy to navigate, and they have a lot of positive customer reviews.

  1.     Mount Kratom

If you want to buy kratom from an organized kratom site, you must visit They have an easy menu and clear pictures of all kratom products. It isn’t overcrowded as the rest of the websites are and continues to enjoy huge popularity with a lot of positive reviews by customers. It has a 5-star rating on Google by 12 customer reviews.

  1.     Leaf of Life Botanicals

The best part about this company is it is friendly with its customers and treats them like a family. The ethos behind building up this company was to serve people but later on transitioned into something substantial. The company claims all of its products are organic, natural and inexpensive. It also enjoys good popularity on the web with a 5-star rating. They have a vast array of strains which customers can choose from.


There are many other companies too which sell kratom to consumers. Owing to the controversial state of the plant, most vendors choose to sell it online rather than through local shops. States where it is legal in, one can get kratom from local smoke shops too.