The Fayetteville calendar is teeming with upcoming festivals, concerts and multi-day events this year. Therefore, it is only natural for the local organizers and event-goers to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilets on the ground. However, most fairgrounds and concert premises do not have permanent toilets for visitors and attendees. Even all-day events require sanitary and private loos for people to relieve themselves after fast food, sodas, and beers.

Altamont Fair

The most cost-effective solution for this problem is a porta potty. It is a chemical, portable toilet that has a portable sewage tank. It has all the necessary mechanisms to reduce the odor and dissolve the excreta within a short time. Composting toilets and freezing toilets are also options for the party goers and organizers, but they are not as convenient as the modern portable toilets that involve vacuum pumping the waste regularly.

The most common modern porta potties rely on the blue chemical to neutralize the odor and break the waste apart. It helps in keeping the premises odor-free, clean and hygienic. These chemicals in the toilets don’t harm the environment, but they make waste management quite easy.

What is good porta potty practice?

Many concert-goers, party-goers and all-day attendees will be using these porta potties for the first time. When using the toilet in someone else’s house, one has to make sure to flush correctly, keep the toilet seat down and to not litter the toilet floor with tissues. It is only natural that using porta-potties also involve specific rules that one should follow. If you have never used one before, here’s how you should do it –

  • Don’t hold up the line

When you are in a public space, always know that at least ten more people will be waiting in line to use the portable loo. Whether it is the morning, noon or evening, people on fairgrounds or concert grounds always line up to use the nearest bathroom available to them.

No one is asking you to rush through. Take as much time as you need to relieve yourself, but do not occupy a porta john “just in case” you have to go 30 minutes later. Let other people use the toilet and stand at the back of the line if you feel that you might have to go in for 30 minutes or an hour.

Also, remember to keep your call time, and text time outside the loo. While there is no need for rushing, you must remember that no matter where you are, it is unnecessarily rude to make people wait in line.

  • Clean up after yourself

Depending on the quality of the porta john you are using, you might or might not have a fully functional flushing system. Nonetheless, it is your duty to leave the loo cleaner than you found it. Hundreds of people will have to use the toilet after you, and every bit of effort you put in to clean up after use will make a difference.

We can understand that using a portable potty is not the dream of most attending festivals in Fayetteville, but when you are in one, it is your responsibility to upkeep general cleanliness. Visit BBB septic’s porta potty rental Fayetteville to learn more about the different cleanliness measures you can take while using a portable john.

Simple practices like disposing of the toilet paper in its designated space, cleaning up any residue and leaving the seat down for the person next in line can make you a better person. Not cleaning up an area than multiple people have to share and use is disrespectful.

  • Aim for the blue

The blue chemical water has more functions than looking pretty. As long as the water is blue, it has the potential to break the waste efficiently and quickly. Most importantly, it deodorizes any human waste going into that water.

When you are doing your business, remember to aim for the blue water. If the water has turned green, it has lost its chemical reactivity, and it requires immediate change. Instead of inconveniencing the person behind you, report to the authority about the due cleaning of the porta-toilet and replacement of the blue chemical immediately.

Always remember that the blue water can reduce both solid and liquid organic waste. As long as you are following standard practices, you should be able to leave the loo odor-free and stain-free for the next person.

  • The toilet is not the trashcan

If you have to throw wrappers, tissue papers, bits of newspaper or ticket stubs, don’t ditch them in the loo. Porta potties require daily cleaning, and they are quite efficient, but plastic and other non-biodegradable material can clog the toilet and render the unit unusable for the rest of the day.

On public grounds, more the number of working portable toilets, more the convenience for the people. So, if you find trash in the portable toilets, do not forget to report that to the on-ground porta potty cleaners or managers. At the same time, if you need to dispose of wrappers, bottles and other trash, get a biodegradable carry bag and collect the garbage. You can always throw it in a designated waste bin later on.

Today, portable toilets are of various shapes, sizes, and qualities. Almost all standard festivals and concerts hire standard quality porta potties that can sustain repeated use throughout the day and night. It is standard practice for the rental companies to provide cleaning services for the septic tanks of these toilets once per night, but some more crowded festival grounds typically employ multiple cleaning or vacuum suction sessions.

While porta potties might not be the ideal toilet for many, they do help in maintaining hygiene and public health in any crowded event space. Organizers and environmentalists encourage people to use porta potties rather than going in the woods. Porta potties have brought a significant level of comfort in the lives of people who love hiking around Fayetteville or those, who want to live up their weekends at concerts.