Has your friend and bro chosen you to be his groomsman on his marriage? The groomsman is someone important to the groom, who can help him pull off the great feat on an extraordinary day! Thankfully, now, a groomsman can also be a woman! Men are asking their female friends to be part of their entourage and weddings have become a more glamorous affair than they ever were.

In modern, smaller weddings, there is often one groomsman, and it is the responsibility to liven up the party with a snappy speech, practical jokes, amazing playlists, and pleasant surprises. Apart from planning the affairs of the wedding day, the groomsman is also responsible for looking great beside the couple. Thanks to the ingenuity of online shopping and customizable prints, weddings are becoming a lot more fun by the day. Wedding socks and groomsmen socks are the new wedding trend that you have to catch up to this season. Whether it is a summer wedding or a winter reception party, you will get the chance to show off your inner quirkiness with these funny socks.  

Which groomsman trend should you follow?

One of the most significant trends is socks with favorite 90s cartoon characters on them. These include Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Donald Duck socks with wedding themes. You can find several other cartoon character socks like Homer with his beer, and American Dad with Roger caught during their vow-exchange if you look in the right place. Check out funny socks for groomsmen in different colors that match your entire attire before the wedding bells start ringing.  

You can buy socks for the entire wedding party with the new collection of meme socks. Whether it is “Brian, the unlucky guy” to the “circle game” meme, you can find it all. Any meme you fancy on 9Gag can become a part of your or your friend’s wedding day. Light up your friend’s face by gifting him a pair before he walks down the aisle to add the quintessential eccentricity to a 21st-century wedding. Meme socks are great options for all ages since they have an incredibly huge variety. You can find them in all your favorite colors and designs.

Funny wedding socks are trendsetters

You can spark off a new tradition among your friends and family of funny wedding socks. It can all begin with the crazy bachelor and bachelorette party. We are sure you do not need any ideas about the party setups, but it would indeed be fun if you matched your t-shirts and shirts with complementing socks that carry quirky messages for the bride and groom-to-be.

The perfect way to show off your sense of humor

Do you have an eclectic sense of humor? Show it off by picking funny socks for weddings. Design your own prints and gift a pair to the groom on the last night as a bachelor. It is not only a classic joke, but he can also secretly wear it while exchanging the vows the very next day!