The water bottles that come with a built-in filter are specially designed to be very handy for backpacking, camping, hiking, or travelling in regions where the tap water available is not safe to drink or there is a scarcity of water. There are lots of features and beneficial purposes of these bottles.

  • These bottles resemble practicality as you can use it almost all the time when you need it on a daily basis even when you are not travelling. You can fill water from a tap or a river or from a natural stream but the effect will be the same: tasty and fresh water all the time.
  • The most significant thing about these bottles is that it is simple and easy to use and you do not have to care much for the filter system built in it. These bottles are quick to fill and have an incredibly compact design making it super easy to carry.
  • Another surprising thing about these filter water bottles is that it will fit in your backpack, bag and even in your pocket. Therefore, you will no longer need to carry those big and heavy bottles anymore when you travel or go for long treks, walks, hikes, or day trips.

In short, inconvenience of carrying water in such occasions is permanently eliminated by these filter water bottles.

The lifespan

Durability and sturdiness of these filter water bottles add to its practicality. However, the durability factor of these filter water bottles largely depends on the brand of the filter bottle as well as its size. Most manufacturers produce filter water bottles in two main sizes:

  • A 50 cl bottle or
  • A 75 cl bottle.

The smaller bottles have the capacity of filtering about 30 liters of water while the bigger variants will filter about 200 liters of water.

There is a timer included in a few specific brands of filter water bottles that will let you know the right time to replace the filter in the bottle. Usually, for the smaller 50 cl bottle you will need to replace the filters roughly after every two months. However, the time to replace the filters will also depend on the usage of the bottle.  If you use it often for a day trip you will use out the Fill2Pure New Zealand Water Filters far more quickly.

The environmental impact

Another practical reason to buy the filter water bottles is to reduce the impact on the environment. These bottles will eliminate your need to buy disposable plastic water bottles that eventually end up in the landfills and take more than 400 years to disintegrate and creating a huge negative impact on the environment by that time. The ugly scene of these floating plastic bottles in the ocean or strewn all along the beach will no longer be seen.

Though the only negative side of these filter water bottles is the wastage of the filters itself, the other numerous benefits of using thee bottles when compared will make it the most practical and useful option to select for a responsible citizen like you.