When any woman attains the age of fifty, the type of clothes that must feature in the wardrobe will also be different from the ones that are already included. When you look at the different types of clothes and accessories available on the market, it is quite natural that you will be overwhelmed while making a choice.

Ideally, choosing essential clothes for senior ladies needs a bit more time because you will need to consider a plethora of factors that will eventually decide the way you look and present yourself. You must consider factors such as:

  • The current trends and look likewise
  • The cool features that will look good on you and
  • How to be confident and carry yourself eloquently in your dress.

Ideally, a smart wardrobe must include a mix and match of dresses and the go-to pieces that will make your investment fruitful and at the same time service your purpose: to look good.

Elderly Gardening

A complete reevaluation

Therefore, by the time you hit 50, you will need a complete reevaluation of your wardrobe. This will benefit you in several ways. This evaluation must be precise and is required essentially because over the decades your body features, configuration of your face as well as your lifestyle will change. It is for this specific reason you will need to make a change in your fashion concept so that you can keep everything in accordance to it.

However, there are no hard and fast rules for it and forget everything that others may have told. People will say that women over 50 should never wear a pair of blue jeans to dinner but you have all the rights to differ. It all depends on how it looks on you. Therefore, forget the rules that are usually set by your friends and acquaintances.

Guidelines to follow

It is however helpful if you know and follow a few specific guidelines so that you can maintain great style. These guidelines will help you in many ways such as:

  • It will be easy for you to know how to go about it and get the right type of clothes for you
  • You will easily get the go-to pieces to fight the frump
  • You will look smart
  • Feel energetic
  • Be more youthful and appropriate.

You can even wear these basic clothes to your work or go out to dinner or anywhere else. The types of clothes to choose are as follows:

  • The first types of clothes to include in your wardrobe are a pair of dark denim, mid-rise, boot-cut jeans. The boot-cut hem will leave a lot of room for booties which is an ideal footwear option for almost all occasion. Just make sure that the length is around 1/8th of an inch off the floor, though it will depend on the type of the shoe. Also make sure that the jeans fit well maybe with a little stretch in your hips and butt. Also take the waist in, if required.
  • The next essential type of Resident Essentials clothes for elderly ladies is the dark denim, mid-rise, straight-leg jeans. Avoid the tight skinny jeans that look unflattering on most of the wearers. Instead get the in dark blue jeans that come with no whiskers or fading. You can pair it up with moccasins, flat ballet slippers, kitten heals or loafers but make sure that you tuck it into tall boots especially in a cool weather conditions. Straight-leg jeans will also go perfectly with tunic tops or longer jackets and therefore check your options.
  • Include a pair of white jeans for wearing in warmer weather conditions. It can be boot-cut or straight-leg and you can wear it with wedge sandals, a crisp navy jacket, tunic tops, and white tank. When you want to wear it in cooler weather you can pair it with black or brown boots along with a sweater, jacket, and even a pretty scarf. However, if the material is thin, make sure you wear underwear that matches with your skin tone.
  • Stock a few great fitting pants in your wardrobe preferably with lightweight wool blend such as Lycra. It can be black, navy or charcoal in color but the cut of the pants and the length must be precise. This is very crucial for wearing fitting pants and if needed you must also take your shoes to the store or to the tailor to get the desired fit. Wear this pant with a silky blouse, a tank or a T-shirt along with a jacket or a cardigan in cool weather.
  • A jacket is another good thing to have in your wardrobe once you cross fifty. It is better if it is well fitting, short and snug but not tight. Ideally, jackets that hit your hip will look great on you. The black color is most versatile but you may also consider wearing something in cream and navy as well with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, and almost everything. Make sure that you have T’s, tanks, and jewel colored blouses to wear underneath. If you prefer to wear skinny jeans then make sure that it is longer and loose fitting.
  • Black pencil skirt in your wardrobe is another essential thing to include. These are versatile, stylish and astoundingly flattering irrespective of your size. You can wear it knee or slightly higher if worn with black tights. Make sure that it is a little stretchable, has some draping and not tight. Pair it with booties and black tights or leather pumps especially if you wear it at night. Make sure you do not wear it with a flat shoe but with a mid or high heel pump, boots, or wedge shoe. Do not wear a black jacket with this skirt but balance it instead with a cropped multicolored jacket or a long tank.

Also store cardigans with long or three-quarter-length sleeves, tank tops to wear under it, dresses of all types including wrap, sleeveless sheath and ‘fit and flare’ dresses. Match your pieces well depending on the occasion along with a few key fashion accessories to have different looks.