Providing private tuition is very common in this modern education scenario and over the years the intensity of it has risen exponentially. There are several reasons for it but most significantly it is in keeping with the laws of economics: demand and supply.

Most of the students who avail private tuition usually receive tutoring in more than one subject. This is because the syllabi of each subject are huge and complicated making it essential to receive specialized tutoring by separate tutors.

The intensity of private tuition also depends on different factors such as:

  • The socio-political scenario of the region
  • The variation in the number of students looking for private tuition in comparison to the number of subjects and
  • The educational and economic condition of the state.

The need for private tuition as well as the number of subjects in which such professional help is required also depends on the geographic location. Comparing the rural and urban areas it is found through different studies that:

  • Private tuition in mathematics is required more by the students residing in the rural areas than those in the urban areas and
  • The students living in rural areas essentially have a private tutor for English as compared to the urban students.

This difference in demand largely depends on the lack of subject teachers in the rural areas to teach English and mathematics. It also depends on other factors like poor standards in the lower levels of school education.

Reasons for joining private tuition

Primarily the need for private tutoring by A Team Tutor Brisbane is to secure pass marks in the public examinations. The perspectives of different students regarding seeking private tuition are varied and can be classified into three broad categories such as:

  • Academic reasons that includes poor teaching standards, inability to understand classroom teaching and to pass examinations
  • Personal reasons include craving to score a greater percentage of marks and
  • Social reasons that comprise of parental decision and peer group pressure.

However, there is a significant difference in perspective of the students seeking private tuition especially in those who study in government schools. Their primary objective for seeking private tuition is to qualify in the public examinations.

On the other hand, students who study in private unaided schools look to score high marks so that they can have a distinct edge over others and stay well ahead of the cut-throat competition. These students also experience peer pressure and more often than not it is their parents’ decision to attend private tutoring.

Intensity of subjects

If you consider the subjects in which private tutoring is wanted then you will see that English, mathematics and science are the top three subjects. This indicates the poor handling of these subjects in schools. Crowded classrooms both in government as well as in private schools, lack of specialist subject teachers, loss of school working days, teachers teaching more than one subject, teacher absenteeism both authorized and unauthorized, lack of monitoring, unable to complete syllabus in time, and failing to follow norms and improper implementation of policies by education departments are other reasons to obtain private tutoring.