As more and more international schools in Hong Kong are opening its doors to expats, it is becoming increasingly tricky to narrow down the choice of schools.

In this write-up, let us discuss a few critical aspects that you can take into account before identifying the school that is best for your child. The article will deal with the following –

  1. Tips for choosing the best international school in Hong Kong
  2. FAQs
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Tips for selecting the best international school in Hong Kong

Check out the following tips that will help you in better decision making-

  • Curriculum – This is the primary factor that will help you to decide which school you want to settle for. Mainstream curricula include American, Australian, and British; nevertheless, the IB or International Baccalaureate is popular in Hong Kong too. You have to weigh the pros and cons related to the curriculum your child can cope up with and then arrive at a decision.
  • Cost –After curriculum, fees matter the most. Since you have relocated to a new place, you need to revamp your financial obligations. How much can you shell out for your child’s education every month? Roughly speaking, the cost can range between HK$85,000 and HK$200,000 annually. These figures exclude capital levy charges and debenture.
  • The time required for applying for admission – If you are planning to get your child into one of the best International schools in Hong Kong for expats, you will have to submit your child’s application at least a year before admission that takes place in autumn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us quickly go through few commonly asked questions that parents have in mind before deciding upon the school they intend to send their child to-I

  • Is the international school in Hong Kong the best choice for an expat? It is undoubtedly the best choice provided what you are expecting from the school is met.
  • What are the essential factors that parents must take into account? The main deciding factors include temperament of the child so that he can adjust to the new environment, curriculum as mentioned above, budget, and of course the location. It does not make sense in traveling long distances to reach school when your child becomes exhausted at the end of the day leaving no room for extracurricular activities.
  • Is culture shock a common problem? For some it definitely is. However, with the right kind of guidance and counselling, a child should be able to cope up well within a couple of weeks. Being conversant in Mandarin and knowing about local festivals and cuisine might help your child intermingle with the locals faster and also adapt to the new environment quickly.
  • Is there any provision for financial aid?While some schools do offer financial aid plans, all may not assist your child with tuitions.

Having talked about the nuances of international schools in Hong Kong and how to arrive at a decision, we must mention here that not all families might prefer the same option. It will depend on individual families, their standard of living, and financial stability to be precise.