When you apply for any visa in the Immigration Department, rest assured that it will take a long time to receive. This is because the Immigration Department as well as different other government departments will investigate thoroughly. They will cross-check all your information and evidence provided with the public records, social media posts and several other sources to know how genuine a person you are and how true the information provided are.

That is why you should be well prepared for a lot of questions from different departments and be ready physically as well as mentally to take on several different health checkups and tests. It is therefore advised that if you have even the smallest of inconsistencies in your application and evidence, make sure you take up the pain to explain the proper reasons for them to the persons concerned.

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Different checks made

The Immigration Department has the right to reach and go to any extent to find the genuineness in your application.

  • They will also contact your family members, employers, friends and other acquaintances that you must mention in the application form.
  • They will also check your Facebook profile and other social media accounts to find out your visa chances.

These accounts will provide them with lots of information regarding sexuality, religion, and partnership status.

The health restrictions imposed and the checks made by the Australian Immigration Agency can be quite harsh at times.

  • These checks will be done on you as well as on the children you may have even if they do not live with you and you do not intend to bring them to you.
  • This is the biological requirement of the parent’s partner visa which might be a shock to you especially if your children are estranged from your former partner.

The justification behind such checks is to antedate the chances of your children becoming a potential burden on the healthcare system of the country if your child comes to the country any time in the future.

Therefore, make sure that you disclose all medical issues in your visa application about you as well as your dependents whether or not they live or will live with you. Otherwise, the Immigration Department may consider your visa application to be misleading and reject it summarily.

Even minor ailments such as asthma can be a possible hindrance in getting a partner visa. However, the assessors will focus on applicants who have medical conditions that will require regular hospital visits, checkups and care. These conditions include:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Psychological disabilities
  • Cancer
  • HIV and
  • Other blood illnesses.

Tuberculosis testing is the most significant part of the immigration process if you are a current resident of a particular country. Make sure that you book a test for your partner well in advance for TB screening for partner visa because such appointments in a few countries may be subject to prolonged waiting times.

After the test is done you will be given a certificate that you will have to submit with your application as important documented evidence.