The luxury jewelry market has been growing in the last decade. It has a lot to do with the rise of a strong economy and partially with the shift in trends among the luxury jewelry brands. Most brands are now using lab-grown diamonds, platinum plating on white gold or silver and semi-precious stones to capture the attention of the younger generations. The popularity of luxury brands is steadily rising among the millennials. The use of sustainable crafting methods and ethical sourcing of gemstones plays a significant role in the positive marketing of these brands.

Even today, millions are skeptical about buying moderately priced luxury jewelry for sale from the big-box brands. They are afraid of ending up with mass-produced, low-end products that do not last as long as their expensive counterparts. According to experts, no matter what brand of luxury jewelry you are purchasing and what price you are paying for it, you need to take care of the pieces. When you wear any jewelry daily, it comes in direct contact with your skin, sweat and skin oils. Constant exposure to the sun, humidity and oxidizing materials can cause statement pieces from the best known fine jewelry brands to lose their sheen.

Six steps to keep your love affair with your jewelry shining forever

Your love affair with your wedding jewelry and engagement ring should be forever. However, unless you care for them properly, there is no way these pieces will last forever. Precious metals and gemstones require delicate cleaning and specialized care to last a lifetime. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to help breathe a new lease of life into your fine jewelry –

  1. Be careful of the chemicals you are using

Sometimes, we end up cleaning old jewelry in harsh soap or detergent, when we are in a hurry. It can take away considerable luster and loosen the gemstone setting. Moreover, the regular use of fragrances, makeup, and soap on fine jewelry take to reduce its lifespan considerably. You should wait for at least 10 minutes after a shower and after finishing makeup to put on the luxury pieces to keep them shining forever.

  1. Take your time in cleaning

Do not try to clean your rings, pendants, and earrings in a hurry. Do not use hard-bristled brushes to get rid of the grime. Instead, you should use a dry cloth. Microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning fine jewelry with gentle strokes. It is especially true for pearl and mother of pearl items. These are gentle organic gems that can incur scratches easily from brushes. If you are cleaning diamonds, be sure to use a soft brush and a pH-neutral soap. Always use lukewarm water to clean the gemstone. When unsure about cleaning a new piece, always ask the store about cleaning details and cleaning product recommendations.

  1. Take care during storage

Do not keep gemstones of varying hardness inside the same box. Always store a single piece in a fabric-lined box that is free from other metal parts and dust. Always preserve them in non-abrasive setting to prevent unwanted scratches and chipping. Storing diamond with softer stones like topaz or opal can cause the latter to chip. Diamond can scratch almost any other stone that is softer than it is. To keep the long neckpieces intact, store the jewelry separately. Store them flatly in narrow boxes to keep them from tangling. It will prevent knots and keep your jewelry strong and shining for a long time. Invest in proper silk-lined boxes or micro-fiber lined containers for keeping your jewelry. Be extra careful while transporting them during vacations.

  1. Consider the level of exposure

We often fall in love with one ring or pendant, and we keep wearing it everywhere. It includes the shower, swimming pool, and gym. Chlorinated water, saline water, and sweat take a heavy toll on the integrity of precious metals. Chemicals create an unpleasant environment for gems and jewels. You need to restrict their exposure to harsh chemicals, direct sunlight and high temperature at all times. Daily wear and tear can loosen gemstones and result in the decay of metal prongs. Always keep them carefully, before going into the shower or taking a swim. Try to avoid wearing luxury jewelry during beach vacations and barbeque parties.

  1. Check the gemstone settings

Your luxury jewelry is precious. A considerable value of any stone encrusted jewelry lies in the central stone. Losing it can be a significant loss, especially if you do not want to insure the jewelry piece. Check for missing or weak prongs. If your ring or pendant has adhesive set gemstones, check if they are loose. In case you are unsure about checking the settings of the stones, you should speak with your jeweler and insurer. It is a smart move to get your fine jewelry insured if that is an option. Missing gemstones and broken precious jewels are not rare.

  1. Be careful while purchasing jewelry cleaners

When you are out shopping for jewelry cleaners, always consult your jewelry store. Luxury jewelry stores usually have recommendations for their customers. Some fine jewelry manufacturers have their own cleaning solutions that clean well and keep the jewelry sparkling for a long time. Always speak with an expert jeweler before you try a new cleaner on your precious jewelry collection. Cleaning is an integral part of the jewelry cleaning process, but choosing the cleaner carefully will help you keep your valuable collection shining for a long time.

How you store your jewelry will determine the future of it. You cannot always predict the lifespan of a piece from the brand name or the price you are paying. Even the most humble gold ring can shine longer than a 1-Karat solitaire on platinum if the owner knows how to clean, polish and store it properly. The sheen of a jewelry piece depends on the care the owner provides. Following these simple steps can give your fine jewelry collection the shine of a lifetime.