At the beginning of the year, it is customary for individuals to analyze their goals and make new year resolutions which they hope to achieve. Many women desire to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. According to an article in, women are more likely to report the intention to lose weight when compared to men. So, if you are interested in finding the right tips to help you on your weight loss journey, this is definitely the correct place to be.

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Here are 5 effective tips that you should employ:

1. Go on a detox

A detox is a type of short-term diet whereby you restrict food intake and follow a strict nutritional guideline. If you struggle with cravings, low energy and digestive problems, then a short detox will enable you to reset your palate and reboot your digestive system in preparation for a permanent lifestyle change. You can research on the different types of detox programs in order to find the right option that will help you to achieve your goals. Most detox programs range between 3-14 days in length.

2. Have a calorie deficit

The next step should be to achieve a calorie deficit. This refers to a state whereby you intake fewer calories than your body utilizes in a day. This will automatically cause your body to start utilizing fat reserves to compensate for the lack of calories. In order to achieve a calorie deficit, you need to know how many calories your body needs to sustain activities in a day and then depending on your diet, you can figure out what type of foods and which portions will enable you to achieve a calorie deficit.

3. Perform weight training

This is another important aspect that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to weight loss. Many women focus on performing exclusive cardio exercises without any resistance training. Resistance training will help your body to develop muscle and it also raises your metabolism thereby ensuring that your body does not accumulate excess fat.

4. Get Supplements

This is another vital aspect of the weight loss process. Many women shy away from using supplements with the false belief that only men should be able to use them. In reality, both men and women can benefit from weight loss supplements. If you are unsure about which are the best supplements to buy, simply check out online supplement reviews for more details.

5. Get healthier eating options

If you are used to eating junk food all the time, then it will definitely be a struggle for you to transition to a healthier lifestyle. However, you need to remember that there is a huge number of healthy fruits and vegetables which will help to ward off hunger without attracting unwanted calories. So, be proactive about substituting unhealthy food options for healthy food options in a way that is sustainable and effective.

So, by following these easy steps, you will be able to meet your weight loss goals.