The bakery shop you frequent has this door to door delivery option, but how can you be sure about the professionalism of the place? Online options are increasing, and offline options are still experiencing massive footfalls, but the choice of a bakery for sending a surprise birthday cake involves a number of moving parts. If one fails, the entire endeavour can get ruined. When options are plenty, choosing becomes difficult.

For more information, you can visit TemptationsCakes – best birthday cake in Singapore along with cakes for any other occasion. Cakes offer the perfect start to any party, and with the increased online presence for cake shops, the selecting and ordering of an item has become as easy as a “click.”  

Read on, to know more about what to expect from a cake shop when sending your loved ones a surprise birthday cake.

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The delivery

The primary aspect you should inquire into is the timely and safe delivery of the cake. A cake is an ultimate answer to any celebratory occasion. Marriages, felicitations, birthdays and christenings and there is a mad rush to the local cake shops to get the perfect cake and on time. But now, all you need to do is get on your computer or handheld device and browse through for the perfect cake suiting your requirements and order online for doorstep delivery. There will usually be provisions for timely delivery, and you can customize the hour of the day for the delivery to make the recipient feel special. It’s all in the surprise, and a professional bakery will ensure that they maintain it while you are arranging for other events of the party.

Cake types

The best cake shops and the bakeries have a vast collection of cakes and allow for customization options for a perfect gift. There are so many occasions to celebrate anyway, and the cakes need to justify every one of them. Birthdays, weddings, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s day, the occasions are endless, and so are the various options for cakes when you go with a professional bakery service. There are cakes based on shapes; round, square and heart, special character cakes, photo cakes, eggless variations, and sugar-free ones. There is something for each one of us! Make sure of the inventory of your bakery before ordering from one.

Midnight surprise delivery

You have landed a real winner if your cake shop allows for this option. It can be a big surprise for your loved one. It’s their big day and the clock ticks to the midnight hour and whoa! There is a surprise cake, and make sure it’s the favourite one! That might be a small gesture, but it will make for a very memorable moment for the recipient. It is ideal for occasions when you cannot be around physically to wish the person on his/her special day.

A professional bakery doesn’t only prepare excellent cakes and delicious novel recipes. They ensure the best quality raw materials, attractive appearance, and design of the cakes and safe and timely delivery. There might be some extra fee, but it will be well worth the money.