Many relationships that could be salvaged fall by the wayside because many people downplay the importance of couples’ therapy. Opting for couples’ therapy simply means that you both admit that something is wrong, but you are committed to making your relationship work. Therefore, you are willing to get some professional help to get things back on track.

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There are some common issues that indicate that a couple should consider going for therapy. Many professional therapists consider it necessary to go for a wellness couples therapy if they are facing any or some of the following issues:

1. Breach of trust:

When mistrust rears its ugly head in a relationship, it is advisable to seek therapy, especially if you are both unwilling to throw in the towel. Trust can go out the window if:

  • There has been infidelity in the form of a sexual affair
  • There has been an emotional affair
  • Deception, especially in financial matters

Therapy provides a forum where both parties can be open and vulnerable. The therapist is then able to give you some tactics that you can use to resolve the conflict you are in and hopefully start over.

2. Arguments have become the order of the day

If you find yourselves more often than not in conflict, it may be time to visit a couple counseling center. Whether you have small but frequent arguments or full-blown verbal contests that turn you into the neighborhood entertainment, you may need to consider therapy if they have a pattern. One or both of you could be going through some serious issues that are being glossed over and projected onto the other partner.

3. Poor communication

You may feel like you say one thing but your partner hears something entirely different. One of you may constantly complain about feeling ignored or being taken for granted. Maybe you just can’t read your partner these days. A competent therapist will guide you by equipping you with tools to help in your communication.

4. You need to communicate something to your partner but cannot find the right words

There are times when you want to say something to your partner but words fail you. Mostly, it is because you are afraid of being misunderstood. The therapist’s place can be a safe place for you to get the motivation you need to find the right words. In addition, it also provides space for you to talk about things that were hitherto difficult for you to bring up. A therapist that exudes warmth will help you overcome your fear of speaking up.

5. You have gone through a traumatic experience  that has caused a disconnect.

Many couples have called it quits after going through painful experiences such as:

  • A health crisis
  • Loss of a child
  • Unemployment, especially if it is long-term
  • Turmoil
  • Crime such as sexual violence

Couples’ therapy may be the farthest thing from your mind in the wake of such trauma but it may be your saving grace. Equipped with tools to help you pull through as a couple, you could come out of trauma stronger than ever.

Couples should not always be in a rush to call it quits when things go awry but should instead figure out how to get into wellness couples therapy in order to be equipped with tools to not only help them get over the rough patch but also get assisted in strengthening their union.