Crystals Spa

Everyone wants to look fresh and feel energized! But the constant professional stress and daily chores often sap up all the energy we have. Coupled with that there’s the problem of people eating and sleeping erratically. And this doesn’t help the body to do its job, i.e., auto-repair the cells and the entire body on a timely basis. Taking energy pills and applying face masks can help, but temporarily. If you want to feel fresh and look your best you need to heal yourself from within. Crystal healing can help. Thanks to the new age boutique spas that you can opt-in for this rejuvenating treatment without much ado.

Why crystal healing works?

Crystals address the problem present inside a body at an energy level. It’s believed that crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, jade, agate, and others are composed of water. And since our body has water to a considerable extent, crystals are useful in clearing the inner toxic energy that exists in our auric and etheric fields. Furthermore, crystals are also said to possess piezo-electric force which helps it to respond to the human pulse and energy. Additionally, there’s a crystal dedicated to each of the seven chakras that a human body has and helps in deep cleansing of the inner energy.

Is ambiance essential?

Any spa treatment needs an ambiance to take place appropriately. Crystal therapy also requires a relaxed ambiance. Most of the boutique spas that provide crystal therapy today have a separate spa or therapy room that gets equipped with other ingredients like scented candles, essential oils and the crystals that are used on your chakras to cleanse and rejuvenate it from within. If you want to experience this, you can reach out to Gothic Eves Finger Lakes Spa and others depending on your preference and spa packages available.

Benefits of crystal therapy

There are several advantages of crystal therapy. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

  • Helps to reduce stress: Due to excess stress and anxieties, our chakras accumulate excess negative energy. It results in feeling drained and fatigued. Crystals are used to clear this negative energy and energize the chakras.
  • Helps in clearing blocked chakras: Sometimes more than one chakra can get blocked. It makes an individual feel as if he/she has no confidence. On the other hand, there could be some chakras that are hyper-activated. Either situation is not favorable. To balance chakras, crystals get placed on your knees, feet, arms, legs, abdomen, hand, spine, forehead, shoulders, above your head and many more. The moment your therapist work in a way that the blockages get healed, you might feel a release, a light sensation. And sometimes, it is accompanied by heavy emotions like crying or hearty laughter.
  • Helps to provide emotional balance: One of the primary benefits of crystal therapy that is that it enables you to balance emotions and treat emotional turbulence. It helps to keep someone well-grounded and calm.

The benefits of crystal healing date back centuries! In recent times, salons and spas have been rising to the scopes that this therapy embodies. If you want to experience crystal therapy, it is essential to enroll in a spa center that provides quality services and has been generating customer delight.