Have you noticed how children are joyous and blooming around some adults, and how they wilt around others? That is the effect of the adult’s personality on the child. While you are looking for a piano teacher for your child, you should keep such prior interactions in mind. Since you know your child already, you should pay attention to their personality type while picking the teacher. Is your child shy? Does he or she like to fool around during serious work? Does he or she need careful guidance during tricky situations? Your intuition will guide you towards the right prospects for the job, but you should rely on facts and figures after the initial screening.

Who will be the perfect piano teacher?

Most parents think about middle-aged women to be perfect piano teachers, but several young men make brilliant teachers, and there is no reason to discard them. Gender is not a factor for the quality of the lessons. You should focus more on the natural fit between the kid and the teacher. So schedule an interview, speak with the person and let the child talk with the prospective teacher alone as well. You should let your child speak for himself or herself.

Look for the following signs –

  • Does he or she make eye contact while speaking with the child?
  • Is he or she an attentive listener?
  • Is he or she able to answer your child’s questions adequately?
  • Does he or she have a sense of humor?
  • Is he or she bringing out your child’s true self?

You might wonder what humor has to do with piano, but it is an imperative tool for teachers dealing with little children. It helps them break boundaries and make a good impact on the life of the kids.

Consult your child before making a decision. Asking the following questions will help you arrive at a conclusion –

  • What did your child feel while speaking with their potential piano teacher?
  • Did they feel safe, happy and confident?
  • Would your child like to see the person again?
  • Did the adult make the child feel afraid, confused or uncomfortable in any way?

While younger piano teachers may not have a lot of years on their resume, they often turn out to be the best piano teachers on Long Island. A combination of their age with their outlook on the world helps them bond with young children fast. That is true for men and women alike. Younger teachers have more energy, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective towards life. It helps them reach out to the younger population effectively.

What are you expecting from these piano lessons?

Apart from “who,” we also need to accost “what” to find the best teacher for your child. Each parent may have a different goal for their kids. With your ward’s best interest in mind, you might want them to become an elite musician, who thrives in a competitive environment. Or, you might want them to grow up learning music, with an appetite for other musical forms and instruments as well.

If you want your child to win competitions and forge his or her own way to Julliard, you will not be looking at the same teacher as another parent hoping to improve their child’s communication skills through piano lessons. Consider looking at a fleet of teachers with a great track record of competition wins, training resume and excellent overall performance record. You can even choose to arrange for auditions for the right teacher for your child if you are looking for someone unique.

However, if your objectives are simpler like giving your child a daily activity or a platform to express himself or herself, then choosing the best teacher will not be as challenging. You may not need to go through detailed auditions for selecting teachers. All you need to do is make a list of prospective teachers, check out their websites, find out their associations with private schools and see what their previous students are saying.

Where are you planning to host the piano lessons?

Are you ready to drive your child to a school for his or her weekly lessons? Or, do you want the teacher to come down to your place to help your child learn the piano? Apart from timing, availability of the instrument and the driving distance, you will need to make the decision depending on your child’s daily schedule. Long Island traffic is quite notorious, so paying a few bucks extra for private lessons at home once a week may not be such a bad idea. Most experienced teachers prefer teaching at a student’s home, due to the consistency factor (the same instrument for lessons and practice). So, speak to your prospective teacher about the location of the lessons before you appoint him or her.

Finding the best teacher for their child is always the target for every parent. With this short guide, it will soon become possible for you to meet this target and set your child out on a musical journey.