Drain Pipe Plumbing

Residents and homeowners have to be responsible for taking adequate plumbing care that helps to avoid choked drains. Ignorance in plumbing care can hurt residents and homeowners quite a bit by resulting in choked drains.  While unusual circumstances cause blocked drains, most of the time bad habits are also responsible for causing long-term problems that result in malfunctioning of the drainage system. If allowed to persist, many of the habits and behaviors can prove a disaster. Interestingly, you can correct many of such habits and change your behavior by acquiring some basic knowledge about how drain pipes and traps function. The professional drain cleaning and plumbing companies like gmplumbingcorporation.com can help you to learn about the good practices in drain maintenance.

In this article, we will discuss some bad habits that can cause serious damage to drains and affect healthy living, if not corrected quickly.

Sending foreign objects into toilet drains

The most common occurrence of choked drains arises from toilets that happen almost regularly. Although everyone knows that toilets are suitable for handling toilet paper and human wastes only, no matter how often you remind people about it, they would still keep throwing anything from feminine hygiene products to paper towels, and even toys, food, jewelry and so many other kinds of unusual objects into toilet drains. Since the toilet drains links to the main sewer line, there are chances that the entire sewer system will choke when the toilets back up. By being aware of what is harmful to sending into toilet drains and developing the habit of not committing the same mistake time and again, you can easily avoid choked drains.

Avoiding periodical plumbing inspection

It is normal that household drains experience some misuse and staying alert to detect problems early should help to prevent choked drains. For detecting problems early, periodical inspection of the drainage system is necessary, but most homeowners and residents often take a lackadaisical approach and start skipping the inspection. This is when the problems of drain choking start acquiring unmanageable proportions.  

Too many chemicals go into the drain

It is often normal that homeowners use chemical cleaning products labeled as simple solutions to clogged drains. But this is from where the trouble begins because most of the drain cleaning chemicals can damage pipelines tremendously. It is true that the chemicals can clear drains for the time being but in the process can harm the pipe material that can finally rupture and start leaking.  In homes that have septic systems, if the chemicals reach the septic tank, it can kill the bacteria that help to treat the sewer waste thereby rendering it ineffective.

Avoid doing it on your own

Plumbing systems are complex, and though drain cleaning seems simple, it needs special skill and expertise to detect and clear blockages. Tinkering with the drainage system by trying to clean it with homemade devices does more harm than good.

Giving due importance to the drainage system and developing good habits to take care of it can help to reduce the incidents of blocked drains.