Kids and infant clothing has undergone a massive shift! Gone are the days when children and infant clothing used to be a small section in the entire garment’s store. Stores dedicated to children were very few. However, the scene has changed! Kids fashion today is a whole new industry. 

Comfort is essential

Baby skin is soft. Hence, it is crucial that parents exercise discretion when they are selecting attire for their little ones. Cotton is one of the best materials to choose from, as it helps baby’s skin to breathe and doesn’t cause any irritation. Today, new age brands specializing in kids wear experiment with cotton and other materials such as rayon and nylon to come up with kids wear that is comfortable and appealing to the eyes. There are several options available even for children’s pajamas, which didn’t exist even a decade back. If you have been waiting to purchase some exciting kids wear you can check out the LazyOne Christmas Pajamas.  

Attractive kids wear

You don’t have to make your child wear the age-old rompers! Today, there are more options you can select for your little ones. Additionally, you can also browse through some of the modern-day rompers that have been designed with exciting designs and prints, which will attract every kid’s attention and make them look bright and full of life.

Do you want to select some exciting clothing for your little one? If yes, you can opt in for the following baby dress types.

1. Cool, casual and comfortable bodysuits

Designers today have added the element of “casual sophistication” even in kids wear today. The bodysuit is one baby clothing type that they have experimented with a great deal. Simply put, bodysuits can be anything you want them to be. For instance, you can use it as a shirt and even a complete outfit. Also known as onesies, it is something that your little one must have. You can give this as a gift and is a staple of every baby’s wardrobe.

You can select from prints as well as solid color bodysuits. There are onesies which have an envelope style neck pattern. Simply put, it comprises of sweet looking small flaps on the shoulders. The pattern has a purpose as well, because once your child needs a diaper change, it is easy to remove.

2. A tee dress

If you have been admiring smart and trendy T-shirt dress designed for women, you may be surprised to know that designers have created tee dresses for your little girl child as well. Made using the same stretch tee shirt material, these dresses are knee length or a little above that. These dresses come in puffed sleeves, half sleeves and even sleeveless. Comfortable to wear, a tee dress is best suited for any casual occasion as well as for a party.

The classic tee dress is usually the one that is available in solid colors. However, today you also have access to prints. And the cute tee dresses available for little have animated prints and digital prints that make it look trendy and smart. If you want your baby girl to look cute, casual and slightly sporty, you can opt-in for this attire.

3. Cute pajamas

There’s nothing more comfortable than a set of relaxed and casual pajamas.  Most people believe that a pajama is something that kids can wear only when they are going to bed. That’s not always true! Today, you can clad your baby with a cute looking pajama set even when he/she is at home and playing in the garden. Also when you’re taking your little one for a morning or evening walk, your kid can dress in a smart looking pajama set.  Usually, you will get pajamas sets in all sizes so that you can select the one that fits your child the best.

4. Colorful rain gear

Today, vibrant rain gear includes a color boot, a raincoat and sometimes rain hats.  Kids look cute sporting their rain gear, and there are many options available.

Designing kids clothing is no easy task!  Designers have to understand a child’s psychology and style preference when coming up with designs. Not every designer is aware of children’s particular likes and dislikes when it comes to to clothes and accessories. 

Do you want your child to be well dressed? Do you want to cater to their tastes and style regarding dressing? If yes, then you can browse online and select from the designer brands that specialize in kids’ clothing and select these three popular attire types. You can also browse and choose from other dress types and patterns.