Singapore Diamonds

Diamonds will always remain a girl’s best friend. And when it’s time for a special occasion like a wedding reception or engagement, a diamond engagement is the obvious choice. The little or chunky piece of timeless dazzle on your ring finger can surely be the talk of your kith and kin group. But provided you choose well. Many people often are over enthused with the happiness of getting engaged or married, that they lose on time to select the best-cut diamond.

If you want the best and ideal cuts in diamond, such as the likes of Singapore diamond, you need to deploy some smart tactics. Discussed below are useful ways to select from the many ideal cuts diamond for your engagement ring.

  • The classic round cut

Almost 75% of engagement rings use the round cut diamonds. This cut is usually excellent in its shine and looks having 58 facets that improve the shine and brilliance. Furthermore, the round cut is also famous for its arrows and heart patterns. It is costly as a massive chunk of the rough diamond gets wholly lost the moment the stone gets cut. However, if you are seeking a timeless, classic style of diamond, this is the one for you.

  • The unconventional marquise cut

Simply put, this is a football-shaped diamond cut. The cut is very well modified and has 56 faucets. It is slightly tapered and elongated on both the ends. It gives the diamond a more prominent look. Today, this cut is gradually catching up amongst women who want to sport an unusual diamond ring cut. Hence, this is the ideal cut diamond for women who are willing to experiment with new age jewelry designs.

  • The oval cut diamond ring

Though not completely round, the oval cut makes for a brilliant ring shape. If you have a slight affinity for the finished cut, then chances are you will also love the oval cut. Even though the oval cut is slightly less in price than the round cut, still this is more popular for engagement and wedding rings. Usually, set on a gold ring, the oval cut is perfect for the ones who want to keep to a specific budget.  

  • The radiant cut diamond ring

One of the widespread cuts amidst the fashion-conscious women, the radiant cut comes with all its brilliant shine and dazzle. The diamond shape is available in a rectangle or a square form. It also has all the class, chic and elegance of the famous princess cut diamond. The overall pattern, however, is slightly modified that also increases the color refraction. Hence, this explains all the shine and radiance that the diamond cut provides. And that’s how the diamond cut gets its name.

Other than these four, many other diamond cuts can be ideal for you such as the:

  • Princess cut
  • Pear-shaped
  • Asscher Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Emerald Cut

The best way to decide on the ideal cut to browse through several diamond shapes in an expert jewelry store. You can check the diamond stone in both low and normal light condition to check the edges, the sharpness, the shimmer, and the overall sheen. And for any other assistance, you can ask the jewelry brand to help you out.