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Keeping healthy and staying fit is something you need to do consistently. Just like any other activity that requires consistency, you need to always be on the lookout to ensure you are in perfect health. Painful sore throats and persistent coughs stand out as some of the most common complications that deny many people healthy lives.

While it is always important to handle sicknesses as soon as the first signs show up, many people wait until they worsen before seeking medical attention. Consulting your doctor is definitely the best step in case of sore throats and coughs but in most cases, a packet of cough drop will come handy. Before arriving at a decision however, it is always important to ensure that the choice of cough drop is indeed the right one. That takes us to the next thing.

What to consider when purchasing cough drops

Honestly, there isn’t any set of official rules that ought to be followed when buying cough drops. You should be guided by your need and preferences. Having in mind other important aspects simply streamlines the process. At the end of the day, it should prove itself effective and enjoyable. Let us consider of the information that might prove useful in choosing the best cough drops for your needs.

Natural or synthetic?

When going through sets of lozenge options, you will definitely come across natural and synthetic cough drops. Some people would only use cough drops when they are certain such medications are made of organic ingredients. If you are one such person, herbal cough drops would be right for you. They are just as effective as their synthetic counterparts.

Medicated options

Many people use cough drops to cure from symptoms like coughing, sore throat and congestion. However, there are certain lozenges that also serve as pharmaceuticals. Such cough drops have medications that serve as pain relievers, antihistamines and some even have a numbing effect. It is therefore recommended that you check the ingredients prior to making a purchase.


Cough drops are tasty; this is no secret. Some people like consuming cough drops simply because of their taste. If all you want to do is keeping your mouth preoccupied, then you should try out different flavours. In such a case, the choice of flavour will be dependent on personal preference.

For those using cough drops purely for medical relief, it might take more time before settling on the right one. In most cases, you will only be buying one flavour every time you have throat issues. Worth noting, taste and flavour should not be the only things guiding you on the choice of lozenge. Cough drops that have high sugar content can worsen sore throats instead of helping. It is therefore important that you watch out for lozenges with too much artificial sweeteners.

Best lozenge reviews

After looking at some of the factors that can guide your choice of cough drops, looking at particular cough drops would only be appropriate.

HALLS Sugar Free Cough Drops

HALLS is a big name in the candy and cough drop industry. Nearly everyone agrees that the HALLS Sugar Free Cough Drop with honey and lemon flavour is the best of all its lozenge variants. Based on the user reviews, nearly everyone seems to agree that these cough drops are awesome. The sugar-free aspect seems to be its main selling point. It serves many people with sore throat issues with the opportunity of indulging in honey medley and potent mint without having to worry about the sore throat getting worse. The pocket-friendly cost is another major selling point.

Original Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops

The Ricola brand is one of the most popular brands in the cough drop market. Their natural herb cough drops stand out as top rated. The drops are made of fine, natural ingredients, making them ideal for vegetarians. For those with particular diet restrictions, these cough drops also serve as a great alternative. It might interest you to know that this lozenge is a blend of ten different herbs, with honey being used as a natural sweetener. Just in case you needed a lozenge with a high mental punch, this cough drop is milder so do not get too excited.

Olbas Sugar Free Lozenges

This cough drop is an assortment of cooling menthol, natural flavours and vitamin C. The vitamin component comes handy in improving the immune response. For someone working on a tight budget, this lozenge might not be the best pick. It is relatively pricier.

Choosing the best cough drop for your needs shouldn’t really be difficult. Simply consider your preferences and the medical aspects and you will be good to go!