The Ideal Gift for Your Kid This Season

The best feeling a mom can ever get is seeing her child display a genuine smile of contentment. While you can do so many things to bring out such smiles from your kid, nothing works the magic better than a great gift. From impressive performance in class to accomplishment of important tasks, you have several reasons to reward your kid with an awesome gift. However, there are so many gift items to choose from and it is easy to get confused. So, what is answer?

Communication is a critical aspect of life, one you should consider when it comes to gifts. Nothing more integrates the aspect of communication and revolutionary technology than an awesome walkie-talkie. It might have been there long enough, but the good old walkie-talkie still serves as one of the best gift items. Notably, you should not just buy your kid a walkie-talkie because you have heard it is great. A good walkie-talkie is one that meets the needs of your child. The sales personnel might not be of much help in this case since they tend to overhype their products. Therefore, what you need is a clear list of things to consider. What then should be part of this list?

Aspects worth considering


We all understand how our little ones can get busy and messy when playing. To ensure the walkie-talkie lasts long enough to justify its value, you need to go for something that is durable. It needs to be strong, right from the material. With a strong walkie-talkie, you will not have to worry about going back to the shop whenever the kid tosses it around.


It might not really seem like an essential aspect when considering a walkie-talkie for your kids. However, moms need to consider the range when considering playing materials such as walkie-talkies. As your child grows, there is need for a significant difference in the range of walkie-talkies you buy for him. It is the only sure way of ensuring comfort and maximum pleasure for your kid.

Looks do matter

The outward appeal is an essential factor when considering the ultimate choice of a walkie-talkie. Every mom ought to understand how kids appreciate attractive stuff. As such, the gift item should look good. It becomes even better when you have some specific colours in mind, the ones he really likes. With the right choice of walkie-talkie, you are bound to see that genuine kid-smile when you present the gift to him or her.

3 best walkie-talkies for your little one

Having considered the various factors you need to look into when choosing walkie-talkies for your kid, it is important that we narrow down to specific products. Let us have a look at three special ones.

Retevis RT628

Well, nearly every mom who chose this product for her little one agrees that old walkie-talkies do not get better than this. The item is perfect, right from the look down to its features. At a glance, you will realize that the product is packaged in an irresistible, light attractive design. That is why your kid will love it at first sight. The glaring LCD display and amazing volume adjust buttons further affirms why this walkie-talkie tops the list of the best communication gift items for your kid. The readily available buttons make the operation of this item easy. This is further justified by the widely visible talk button. Considering the range of 2000 feet, it is an awesome gift item.

Kidzlane Walkie-Talkie

This walkie-talkie is durable and easy to use. Some of its features include LED indicators and a clip belt for easy portability. It has a good battery retention capacity of 9 hours, giving your kid a lengthy, delightful playing time. The customisation ensures maximum durability even when your kid tosses it, stepson it, or even kicks it while playing.

JoylorWalkie Talkie

This seals the list of amazing walkie-talkies for your little one. It comes with all the amazing design features you would want in a walkie-talkie. For one, it is resistant, tough and durable. It is also attractive in addition to having a 3-5 km range. Lastly, it has an awesome LCD screen and easy-to-operate buttons.


The choice of gift for your kid should leave him or her smiling. Many moms who have chosen walkie-talkies have come to appreciate that indeed they serve as perfect gift items for the little ones. Trying the same would be a great way to find out!