Top 5 Tips For Buying Kid’s Clothes

Every parent loves to shop for their children. With so many options available these days, shopping for kids could be a confusing affair for many people. Most of the times, we care less about what we are buying for ourselves as grownups. But it will be wise if you avoid the same type of attitude while buying clothes for your little toddler. There are many factors that you have to keep in mind while shopping to give your baby the comfort level he/she should have. Here are the top points you should know before buying clothes for your kids.

1) Avoid embroidery

You should avoid clothes with sparkles, appliqués and other kinds of embellishment because they can irritate your baby’s soft skin. Some of these designer baby clothes might look very beautiful and charming, but you have to ensure whether it is also comfortable or not.

2) Selecting the fabric

Kids are usually very active throughout the day, which is very normal. They would probably spend time running around in the backyard, playing with his/her friends, get dirt on his/her clothes etc. For this reason, you need clothing that will be durable. You have to keep in mind that, costly clothes do not always ensure good quality fabric. It is better if you touch the fabric and feel yourself whether the quality is durable or not.  Generally, you should avoid buying transparent fabric.

3) The softness of the fabric

Children have sensitive skin. If you buy something that is too rough to wear and the toddler feels itchy, your baby probably will not like those new clothes. That’s why it is extra important that you give a thought about softness. A good example of soft fabric is cotton. It’s soft, comfortable and breathable. If you want something warmer as well as soft, then fleece is probably a good option for your kid.

4) Safety

It’s a very important point while shopping. Often a zipper could irritate your kid’s skin. You should avoid such things to make your baby more comfortable. Also, often kids have the tendency to put everything in their mouth. Therefore, you have to make sure that there is not any loose button on his/her dress.

5) Weather factor

It would be wise if you try to buy something according to the weather. For example, for a hot and sweaty summer season cotton would be the best option for almost every kid. In that case, make sure to buy cotton clothes with long sleeves which will protect your kid’s skin from the sun rays.


There will be a time when you will feel confused about what to buy from a plethora of options. At a time like this, it would be wise if you look for the basic clothing such as a tee shirt, trouser, shorts or even a sweater for the cold season. You have to understand that we are in a time where style and trends are constantly changing. But it can be said that there always will be a place for the basic clothes in any generation.


Author Bio: Bob Johnson is working at a clothing store for 9 years. His area of expertise is baby clothes. He spends most of his time writing about fashion in his blog.