Seven Styles You Should Know When Searching for Your Next Couch

A couch is a couch is a couch, right?

Wrong. There are many different styles of couches, and when it comes to choosing a new one, you will want to know your Chesterfield from your cabriole. That way, it’s easier to narrow down your search perimeters when you shop online, or to sound like you know your stuff when you head to a furniture store.


This type of sofa always has a tufted, or quilted, back and arms. Additionally, the arms are same height as the back of the sofa. Often seen in leather, the Chesterfield looks equally at home in a country club or home office.


This is the kind of couch that looks like it wants to give you a hug! As with the Chesterfield, the Cabriole’s arms are the same height as its back, but its arms curve forward, creating a cozy little nook-like couch.


The Lawson is designed for sheer comfort. It has a back piece that isn’t quilted or cushioned; instead, it’s meant to be used with a wide array of large, fluffy pillows. That way everyone can achieve the pillow configuration they like, in order to get super comfy.

Mid-Century Modern

If you loved the furniture you saw on the hit AMC show Mad Men, you’re probably drawn to mid-century modern sofas. These are lower to the ground and have clean, geometrical lines. Often the legs of a mid-century modern sofa are exposed metal or wood. Nowadays, this style is often used for sectionals.


The bridgewater sofa may be the silhouette you typically imagine when you think “couch.” It features rolled arms that are lower than the back, an unassuming profile, and a somewhat traditional aesthetic. These are still popular today, although they were once much more so.


A camelback sofa is named for the gentle curve in its back, which resembles the hump of the desert animal. Often, the legs and even edges of the arms and backs of camelback sofas will be exposed wood.

This type of couch can seem a bit stuffy to modern eyes, but there are still decors in which it fits well and looks great.


A sectional sofa is a great choice if you have a large living room and want to be able to move your sofa around and rearrange its pieces into different configurations. It also comes in very handy when it’s time for you to move!

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of couch styles. We haven’t even touched on smaller pieces, like the settee, love seat, day bed or chaise lounge. Nor have we discussed convertible pieces, like futons or sleeper sofas.

If you’re interested in learning more about the various types of furniture available today, why not consult with the experts?


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