Hemp CBD Oil

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Receptra Naturals. The opinions and text are all mine.

I get frustrated when things like muscle and joint pains slow me down.  I work while the kids are at school, and my job is physically demanding.  By the time I head home, I am often tired and achy – but the day far from over for me.  We are a busy family, so whether it is a school day, weekend, or summer break, there isn’t a lot of time for slowing down.  I find myself pushing through things like aching knees, yearning for bedtime!

Recently I have been hearing about Hemp CBD oils for things like pain relief.  Receptra Naturals has a line of products containing CBD oil for treating a wide range of muscle and joint pains.

Research is surfacing that shows hemp oil’s antioxidant content is ideal for removing toxins from the body that cause inflammation. Inflammation, “a silent killer”, can lead to muscle and joint pain as well as a variety of other diseases and conditions. Using Hemp CBD Oil, like Receptra Naturals, is a great way to battle the complications of inflammation-causing toxins, as well as potentially prevent its/their existence entirely. (ReceptraNaturals.com)

I love natural products, and it is nice to learn of new ways to stay healthy.  All of the Receptra Naturals products are easy to use, and are organic, without any additives.  Their Hemp CBD Oil is pure and natural, and safe to use.

Hemp CBD Oil

The Receptra Prime formula is great for someone like myself who is new to CBD oils.  It is so easy to use, and the Fresh Berry flavor is really good!  Receptra Prime is an oil bottle that comes with a dropper, and you use this by putting it under your tongue.  Allow the oil to absorb up to 30 seconds, then swallow.  You can take this product 2-3 times daily as needed.

The Receptra Naturals Targeted Tropical product is like a salve, and it works on muscles and joints – this is one I apply for those days I come home with sore muscles or achy joints.  Normally, when I’ve pushed myself too far, I don’t have much recourse, other than to wait it out until bedtime and hopefully get extra sleep.  But with Receptra, I apply the Targeted Tropical and I can at least get some relief.

Attack muscle and joint irritation with Receptra™ Targeted Topical. Physically demanding lifestyles put our bodies through a gauntlet of stress that can limit performance during all stages of exercise. With Receptra Targeted Topical, you can instantly fend off muscle and joint irritation, to keep your body in go mode!

The Receptra Naturals Body Butter is an interesting product too.  While there are so many great benefits of CBD oil like pain relief, it is also packed with other great things for your skin and body.

Treat your skin to natural health and wellness with Receptra™ Body Butter. Radiance and glow begin with naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants and essential nutrients that your skin craves. Stimulate the body’s natural ability to restore your skin’s youth and appearance with Receptra™ Body Butter.

It is great to have a line of products to help me stay healthy and feel better overall, especially because they are all natural.  I plan on keeping these stocked and on hand for both day-to-day use and for those times I need to treat specific issues.  Receptra Naturals carries a variety of other CBD Hemp Oils as well, so there

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Receptra Naturals. The opinions and text are all mine.