With the advent of the wedding season, there is a huge frenzy for shopping and it is given top priority. You get busy with shopping bridal clothes and jewelry for the most special occasion in your life. No matter how progressive you are, one piece of jewelry is a must in your buy list and that is nothing else but the sacred thread or the mangalsutra. It holds special significance for all married Hindu women in India.  Today you have access to a marvelous selection of mangalsutras in varied designs. It is quite natural for you to get confused and find the process of choosing a mangalsutra quite tedious and challenging. Here are a few useful tips to buying the right mangalsutra.

Determine Your Budget

It is essential to chalk out your budget. You must decide in advance, how much you would be spending on buying your mangalsutra. The mangalsutra is available in diverse metals, cuts, and designs. So the price range could vary quite a lot. You must come to a final decision, fix a budget and try your best to stick to your budget. That would be a great way of short-listing your mangalsutra.

Opt for a Pretty & a Lightweight Mangalsutra

Indian culture compels married women to wear their mangalsutra on a daily basis for the rest of their life. Today Indian women are no longer confined to the four walls of their home. They are competently sharing workspace on an equal footing, along with their counterparts. A lightweight handmade mangalsutra would not only look pretty and elegant but would be much comfortable and convenient to wear while discharging their office responsibilities and performing household chores every day.

Choose a Unique and Chic Pendent Pattern

The pendant should be given vital importance as it plays a crucial role in defining your mangalsutra’s style and aesthetic element. You must look for a design that enhances your personality and complements your aesthetic sensibilities. Pendants are available in various designs such as hanging pendants, heavy designs, lightweight pendants, small pendants, and the choice is endless. You need to shortlist the designs that appeal to you. Try them out one by one and see which one looks best on you. You must also keep in mind the comfort factor and the occasion when you would be getting to wear it and choose accordingly.

Choose the Right Metals

There is no point in sticking to the conventional mangalsutra designs. It is time to experiment to come up with a unique piece that would enhance your overall personality and look. If you wish to keep up with the latest trends, you could opt for white gold and yellow gold combination, or platinum or gold combination or be a little more innovative and opt for a rose gold mangalsutra. Explore more options that are available within your budget.

Sparkling Diamonds: The Right Choice

Nothing could look more fascinating than a diamond mangalsutra. Today, you have easy access to a number of stunning diamonds. Buy a diamond-beaded magnificent mangalsutra for adding an absolutely royal touch to your overall bridal look.


In conclusion, treat this as a reminder that you must purchase all jewelry from only a well-known and reliable jeweler and do not forget to check the mangalsutra’s hallmark for authenticity.


Author Bio: Sarah Carlson is a professional jewelry designer. She has been designing elegant jewelry in gold, platinum, and diamonds for five years and has recently taken to sharing these designs and referrals for good sites to buy jewelry at like